How I Rebound When Exercise Training Tanks

My triathlon exercise training tanked this week.

Life got in the way.

More specifically, exciting opportunities to share the Flipping 50 message got in the way.

Life Trumps Exercise Training

So rather than swimming, biking, and running, I find myself sitting for make up (trying to figure out fake lashes), waiting to get “miked” up (literally – my microphone and interviewed by, you guessed it, Mike), and going over notes for a series of interviews.

Talk about a different focus. Instead of a gym bag I’ve got a garment bag I’m toting around full of changes of clothes for different sets and to compliment the show hosts. It’s crazy and slightly more stressful (aka cortisol) even if it’s not elevating my heart rate.

So, though I’m mindful that I’ve got a starting line to get ready for in a little over two months, which means just one more month of big training because we taper, I’ve got to be mindful of not just miles, minutes, and workout goals, I’ve got to be sure I’m factoring in the total stress load- which is the allostatic load – and if that scale is tipped too far for too long I could wipe out positive effects of training.

You’re the same, by the way. If you’re not sleeping, relaxing, and refueling optimally between workouts and juggling work, you can’t reap the rewards.

midlife woman running in mountains

woman swimming

Exercise Training Mistakes

Have you ever done three or four days in a row of hard training? Every pushed to lose those last few pounds and decided to diet more strictly or fast? These tricks that end up backfiring 99% of the time on women in midlife because we are far more susceptible to negative effects of stress. You can’t tell your body, “Wait, I’ll give you rest when it fits in conveniently.”

Exercise Training Alternative Solutions

So here’s my week. I had a two-day all day conference over the weekend followed by this 5 days of travel to San Diego. What I’ve done is taken each day and fit short workouts that are doable and higher intensity in where I can.

Rather than a key long bike ride, it was two short bike sets on a trainer in the same day.

Rather than a long swim, it was a done-is-better-than-perfect swim, with a little more speed than I love.

Rather than a long run, I’m running short all week because it’s the most convenient and economical mode and I’ve got early morning work (we’re finishing the Osteoporosis mini-course that’s a new update for the After 50 Fitness Formula For Women!) before being camera-ready by 8:30 and 9:00am.

Is it ideal? No.

Could I drive myself crazy if I went OCD about not following the exercise training according to plan? Yes.

Is it worth it? No.

I’ve had results from tests come in but not had a chance to get the results or even to look at them online. I’m dousing my liver in cleanse activities and reducing my load. I’m still feeling great and no reason to be concerned.

I did have lunch at the unbelievable True Foods in San Diego today. Amazing fresh food at lunch is potentially one of the second-best things you can do to avoid crashing late afternoon. (The first is a smoothie for breakfast. Yes, sorry all you bacon and egg lovers, I’m convinced a green smoothie is the best start to slimmer, trimmer, fitter, faster. No one ever overdose on too many vegetables. If we’re void on micronutrients we can’t be at our best. The best place to get them is food first.)

So, that’s enough on me this week. I want to hear how you adjust your workout when you’re busy. Is it shortening the workout? Is it dialing up your good eating habits further when (NOT eating less: health fail) you can’t exercise with the same frequency, or duration?

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