Take advantage of a wellness coach to reach your health goals
and stay sane in the process

Are you frustrated with a lack of progress?

Are you questioning whether what you’re doing is the right thing for you?

Are you ready to make more progress, faster than you could yourself?

If you answered yes, and now is the right time to consider coaching learn more about how coaching with Debra is different.

Here are a few questions to determine if you’re really ready to make changes.

You can learn more about how coaching privately with Debra works here. She also conducts a few group programs with open enrollment at certain times of year.

To book a consultation about getting started with coaching and which option is best for you use Debra’s calendar

The Possibilities ….

Are not the problem! Deciding what we want and then defining how we get it is the challenge.

There are so many things that take our time and attention any given day that our dreams often continue to move out of our reach. They remain a “someday” thing. As time goes by that can be a drain.

The areas of greatest concern for us tend to be career because it’s tied to finances…as that is tied to our human need for security and then for doing the things that make us happy.

For many of us prioritizing in a busy life so that we can reach the first next step is the hardest thing to do.

I’m not a believer in “Life Coaching” so to speak. That’s a big umbrella with more implications that I as a mere mortal want to take on!

I do coach based on the idea that within a struggle for “more” or dissatisfaction with now there are answers that you already have.  When I focus with a client one-on-one in the areas including:

  • physical activity and nutrition
  • sleep and rest
  • balancing work
  • relationship
  • limiting thoughts that we never realize alone
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