Weight Training in Menopause | Sneak Peek book Intro

I need a favor. I’m writing a book for women in menopause who are not yet strength training or know what they’re doing isn’t working and want to identify a better way.

Weight training for women in menopause

What I’d love from you is the question you either have now or wish you’d known to ask before you started strength training.

To clarify, if you aren’t lifting now or haven’t regularly for the last 3 or more months what question do you have?

If you’re in menopause or beyond and are lifting, what questions did you have before you started, or what do you know now that you wish you’d known sooner?

The Ultimate Beginners Bible Weight Training

My intention is to write this weight training in menopause book for you so much so that you feel like I know you personally.  I want to:

  • answer all your questions about strength training right now.
  • make it simple to decide where to start and how you progress.
  • take the science behind strength training in menopause and make it so easy to understand you could be your own trainer.
  • Or if you decide to use a trainer, one who may not be a Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist course graduate on our directory, you know exactly what questions to ask them. You’ll be able to advocate for yourself.

Weight Training in Menopause

In asking this favor I want to make it as easy as possible for you to respond. So… you may see this at the show notes at flippingfifty.com/weight-training-in-menopause or in an Instagram or Facebook post, or on my Youtube channel. Add your question anywhere it works for you!

I’ll add those social media links below just in case we’re not connected there already.

If you’re seeing this as a Flipping50 email subscriber I’m going to put a simple link to a 2-minute survey there for you! (My customer service team will thank me!)

Thank you in advance!

This podcast is a special sneak peek at the introduction or the forward. I wanted to share it with you first, listeners, subscribers, and followers, as a thanks in advance for this favor I’m asking!

I’m working as fast as I can on the book but writing and then editing takes time.

10-Day Challenge for Support Now

If you’d like support now, my 10-Day Hot, Not Bothered Challenge is open.. and closes May 30, 2021. I don’t offer it regularly and don’t know when I will again. It’s the perfect start to connecting menopause hormone fluctuations with the exercise you do.

Daily workout (and recovery day) videos are not the only thing you get. I will coach you every day with a short audio of how and why what you’re going to do supports your hormone balance.

That’s at flippingfifty.com/hnb-challenge

The best part is, you can potentially earn 100% of your registration fee back as credit toward your eligible next step with Flipping50 if you successfully complete each day. I’m going to reward you for keeping your promise to yourself!

What are you waiting for… when doors close there’s no “next chance” on the calendar! The sooner you get in the sooner you start using the bonus mobility videos to feel amazing even before day one June 1st.

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4 thoughts on “Weight Training in Menopause | Sneak Peek book Intro”

  1. So exciting! Your new book will be a great resource! One question: I eat breakfast with my husband around 6 a.m. Then off to work. Lunch is the best time to work out. If I eat my lunch around 11, then follow up 90 minutes after working out, say around 2:00, with a protein shake. Does that work?

    Another question, what about adding amino acids if I’m plant based to ensure I’m meeting my protein numbers?

    I may think of more questions!

  2. What to eat in relation to the time of working out= weights. 30 g of protein per meal- how?
    Firming arms and thighs- this flab is NEW since menopause! You mentioned it’s a sign of high ? estrogen?
    tell us how to get hormone balance-what are the markers to know we’re making progress in becoming balanced (other than blood work- which my doc won’t test !)

    1. Debra Atkinson

      HI Carol, It can be a meal – you’re sitting down for lunch (5 oz of most animal protein gets you to 30 grams easily). Or a smoothie – reading the label to find how much you need or adding other things like hemp hearts to boost protein. https://www.flippingfifty.com/smoothies
      Yes, estrogen dominance, or low estrogen can both contribute to arm fat or cellulite. If you’re not testing you use your signs and symptoms. They’ll both informing what your next steps would be and reflecting how well your current habits are helping you.

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