Weight Loss Success Under Stress with Dr Sharon Melnick

Success Under Stress

Are you self-sabotaging? What’s that really all about? Stress won’t disappear long enough for you to lose weight or establish that fitness routine without distraction. Accepting that then the question is how can you experience success under stress. In You Still Got It, Girl!  I address the fact that if there is one ignored source of weight loss resistance, it is stress. Today we dig into it.

How can you work through the stress to get the foundation you need for weight loss, worksite, or family success? My expert guest Sharon Melnick, PhD. shares her keys to building the confidence to reach goals when stress is high.

Success under stress may resonate with you for work productivity and results. It also applies to weight loss, energy or it’s counter, fatigue. As long as you have a heart rate you area going to experience stress. It’s a given with a meaningful life.

What we often miss when we’re so close to seeing it is that our self-sabotage is a well-intentioned means of self-preservation. It’s gone wrong, of course, but it is there to protect. Similar to what happens when you diet and your body responds by reducing your metabolism in order to protect you from what it fears as a physiological threat. In other words, that too is stress. Your body tries to reduce stress. Change brings on stress.

If you’re shooting for weight loss success under stress, more than likely you are caught in a catch-22. You are stressed which caused the weight gain. The weight gain causes additional stress. How then do you get out of it and recognize your own preservation defaults so you can kick them to the curb? Join us in this episode to learn more.

You’re a CEO, or you’re in charge of the business of running a home. Either way we’re caught in emotional, physical, and mental stressors of life.

Resource for finding your Horizon Point mentioned in the show:


For other juicy bits of information from Dr. Melnick (or a perfect speaker for your next conference) Sharonmelnick.com

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