Weight Loss After 50 5-lbs vs 50-lbs: The Difference

Weight loss, specifically fat loss, after 50 gets challenging. It isn’t impossible, you just need to get the details right. Is there a difference in the best approach if you have 5 vs 50 lbs to lose? I answer that in terms of exercise, diet, and lifestyle habits for you. Warning: plan a longer walk for this one, there is a lot to cover! 

First, it’s important to consider weight loss that is based on research for adult females 50 or over. Our needs change most with the biggest hormone change that happens late 40s to late 50s for most women. Throughout our entire lives we’ve had a difference in our need compared to men or younger adults due to our hormones, body composition, metabolism, and socialization. At midlife, all those differences are amplified.

Myth: Your weight loss is dependent on creating a calorie deficit.

Truth: If that worked you may be listening and know you’d be skinny by now. I’ve personally worked with women eating fewer than 1000 Calories a day and exercising for hours a day who struggled to lose weight. They struggled period with that formula! Brain fog, low energy, mood swings and sleep disturbances are a sign!

Weight loss after 50 is about changing body composition through hormone balance. If you exercise and eat such that you throw your body into stress it will not release weight.

Myth: Weight loss is the goal.

Truth: Fat loss and muscle gain is the goal. Weight loss then may be slower, but it will be permanent and you won’t regain more weight after your weight loss. A metabolism is slowed with weight loss, unless you offset that loss with an increase in lean muscle tissue.

Myth: High intensity exercise and more of it is better.

Truth: Less and lower intensity exercise may be better. You’re unique.

Myth: If you don’t workout daily you’ll lose muscle.

Truth: Daily exercise can breakdown muscles. Yes, you do want to strength train. You must rest and recover in order to build muscles from exercise. Sleep is the biggest passive way to increase your fitness level and optimal weight.

Myth: Barely eating and exercising hard means you should lose weight.

Truth: This combination of things is exactly the reason why your body will not release weight. Your body under stress will do everything it can to protect you. The brain perceives that keeping calories and fat stored for you is protecting you.

Listen for all the rest!

Need support? Not just for what to do so you are running for the right target, but so that you can wrap your mind around what could be major changes in the way you’ve thought about exercise and food for decades. The program I mentioned:




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