Weight Gain in Perimenopause and Menopause

It’s no secret weight gain in perimenopause – or menopause transition and post menopause – is different. It doesn’t respond the way you would have predicted it should. It doesn’t come on at the same rate or in the same place as you think it should. 


My guest today is an  MD and yet she’s first a woman who also entered midlife and experienced much of the same you may have. She also defaulted to many of the same tactics a woman with a heartbeat would. So this episode is just a simply basic discussion about what happens, and why and what to do about it and why your default effort may fall short.

My Guest:

Heather Awad, MD is a Family Medicine and the founder and CEO of Vibrant Weight Loss Age 50+ where she helps professional women over age 50 lose weight for the last time through a virtual platform. She offers a simple system that saves them time and helps them achieve their health and weight loss goals. They discover how to say no to foods they don’t want without using willpower, and create an eating protocol that they will enjoy going forward so that their weight loss is permanent. Dr. Awad is also the host of the Vibrant-MD podcast where she talks about weight loss, women’s health, and food.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Why do women so often gain weight with perimenopause and menopause?
  • Are there hormonal factors?
  • Are there cultural factors in play here too?
  • What’s dangerous about menopause belly fat?
  • Many women describe that the methods they used in the past don’t work anymore. Why is that?
  • What about eat less and move more? 
  • How do you find people most easily lose weight at midlife?
  • Many women feel stuck with their weight gain starting at midlife. What would you tell them?
  • Many people are so hard on themselves about their weight–is this a good motivator?
  • What else gets in the way of people losing weight at midlife?

Connect with Heather:


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