What Can a Vibration Platform do? | Menopause Fitness Q and A

Episode #480 Q: Can you offer you thoughts about a vibration platform for menopause women in a podcast or blog. – Susan

First response, I asked for context.. so that my response is not selling a tool, but in solving the problem – the reason you want and need a tool.

Susan’s response: 

I am in that critical period you speak of being one year into menopause. I completed your stronger program and I am weight training twice a week. I was just wondering if you have found this a useful tool in addition to your program.

A: You hit the nail on the head.

If you’re able to strength train… it is the #1. If you’re unable, limited with motion, then is this better than nothing, yes. 

If you can combine the two conveniently and it’s available or affordable to you, then it’s a good additional asset. 

Cost of a High Quality Vibration Platform

It’s a matter of, is it worth the expense? Is it worth the time investment? 

And if you’re thinking this is instead of strength training to fatigue – ideally with 10 or fewer reps for bone density – no. 

It’s an added boost but doesn’t replace the function that you need from strength training. That is, lifting heavy weight as you can tolerate safely. 

Who is a Vibration Platform Best for? 

Best for those… limited in mobility and movement or willing to use while lifting who want an additional boost. 

Testing bone density pre and post you won’t know which it is without research (on large groups) of women in menopause:

  1. Doing strength training alone
  2. Doing platform alone
  3. Doing both in comparable status subjects. 

I hope that helps! Thank you Susan for the question. 


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