Truths About Traveling, Triathlon Training, Hormones and Energy

Warning: Truths about hormones and energy inside. If you’re not ready for real news, don’t read it!

It’s been a busy week. For me those stack up to exciting, exhilarating, and both require and generate a lot of energy. I’ve got book deadlines, I’m in the every present editing stages for the kindle 1st edition. (That’s a frequent and easy update if you’re a Kindle user, when I spot errors or you do and tell me I can provide changes and updates that automatically come to your kindle.) In addition to that though we’ll have a free (with shipping) paper back edition coming out within the next 10-14 days too…so watch for that if you like to flip back corners and hold it!

I’ve traveled to and done 3 workshops in 12 days and I’m leaving today for a 5 day trip again. This picture is what I’ve been doing more of than swimming, biking, and running.

hormones and energy Meanwhile, my training has been minimalist. Even for the higher intensity short training session plan I created with my hormones and energy in mind. It’s gone out the window. Never a lack of energy or desire yet always another thing to do that boosts my energy in another way!

My hormones however are crying. They’ve rebelled against too little training, too much travel (for this girl who likes a little more routine between trips), and too many to-do lists. I’ve had breakouts that I’ve never had before. You know normal T-zone stuff? I’d take that. This is everywhere and just when I think I’m done it’s back.

I’m forgetting things; not the really important things, but things that I normally don’t forget. That’s cortisol rising, just like the skin. But the real update I’ve got for you is about the hormones and energy connection to my weight and shape. I’m not at my best. Typically, at this point, about 6 weeks from race day, I would be at pretty peak condition. I’m not. So I’ve had disrupted training to be sure. I could use some higher quality focused sessions. But for the long rides and swims I have been able to hit, I’m actually feeling less fit than prior to training. My body doesn’t have the “edge” I’ve had in prior (Ironman triathlon) IM training.

Hormones and Energy? I think so. Don’t let me confuse you. My overall energy is high. That comes, most from purpose. I have absolute purpose, I put high energy foods in, I love the exercise I do … that is all about increasing energy. (More on that below). But the internal hormone balance will reveal itself somehow. For some it’s more weight gain, others it’s sleepless nights, sweats, flashes, or failure to see results. I’m actually “thicker” than before training. I don’t weigh so that’s not a measure…but if I had to guess I’d say either I’ve gained and or body composition has changed. It’s not what you think right?

I hear way too often… and even more often from trainers who call me and say (as in Tuesday), “I’m barely eating and I’m doing tough workouts and still I can’t lose this weight.” 

This scares the h___ out of me. For you. These are the words of a 50-something personal trainer.

She doesn’t realize that in fact what she is saying is she is doing everything to slow her metabolism down during a time when, as she tells me her “…stress is low. My cortisol levels are low.” Yet, she’s emailed, and called 3 times in a few days asking for help and she’s doing all the talking!

Low cortisol, dears, during times of day it should be high, means you’ve already tapped out your stress hormones. Your adrenals are shot, and you’re thyroid may be threatened.

Bingo. She recently went on thyroid meds. Just a suspicion, but maybe too soon. Rest, stop the exercise fanaticism, and start eating. That’s my basic advice. Eat more, exercise less is advice I give all women. But for those already in stage 1 or 2 adrenal fatigue? Do it yesterday.

My hormones and energy

I personally have no complaints. Just observations so you understand. The purpose of this whole endeavor is to look at “the joy factor” and hormones. What happens at extreme endurance level, when you love it, can hormones stay in balance? It’s an experiment. It’s over and I would be far more upset and out of balance to give up a goal than to do it.

The good news is last week  I was on the fence about travel to Mexico. This week, by tomorrow I’ll be booked. A friend I didn’t even realize was doing it is also going. Just what I needed to feel safe about going!

This weekend as part of my travel it’s series of training days to benefit my hormones and energy. I’ll have a big swim, a long ride, a long slow recovery hike, then a quality run, swim before I travel again. I need to renew my relationship with the simplicity of focus on something I control a little more! People, projects, technology are so much less predictable where work is concerned!

If you’re following on Facebook, I invite you to watch updates from the Des Moines Marathon where two clients are walking their first and I’ll keep them company. Pray for sunshine!

Just like “the joy factor” in exercise that impacts hormones and energy more than calorie burning, it turns out, the way you’re thinking about food might be all wrong.

And I have something special for you today I’m sharing all over–a Shopping List of the highest-energy foods, so you can stop evaluating food with useless measurements–like calories, or grams of macros (proteins, fats, carbs).

It’s not your fault that you’ve been chasing down bunny trails, with the way you make food choices. The food industry wants you counting calories, and grams of this and that.

They sell more processed, manufactured, standardized packaged foods that way. Calories are a unit of measure developed 170 years ago. And the only value that this measurement has? It’s for food manufacturers to be able to standardize packaged foods.

What does that have to do with whether you achieve your ideal weight? What do calories and grams of macros have to do with whether you are strong against communicable illness like viral and bacterial infections–or chronic disease like heart disease and cancer?

It turns out, not much. In fact, have you heard “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie?” That was debunked long ago. The quality of your food is far more important.

My friend Robyn Openshaw’s new book, Vibe, explains why Einstein’s and Tesla’s theories show that calories aren’t a good assessment of energies. At all. There’s a “quantum” way to evaluate what you’re eating. (I did a podcast with Robyn Tuesday)

You might be shocked at how much information is available about how to be healthy, that isn’t in the mainstream media–at all.

Did you know that foods all have a specific, measurable frequency? Here’s a basic principle of Einstein’s quantum physics that has everything to do with what you’re putting in your shopping cart, and on your plate:

A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase. (Just like movement you love will elevate your frequency and movement you don’t will decrease it. My energy is high!)

A University of Washington researcher, Bruce Taino, measured the vibrational energy of foods, human beings, and substances, using the patented BT3 Monitoring System. And discovered that healthy human beings vibrate between 62 and 68 Hertz.

Would you be surprised to know that a hot dog has a vibrational energy of 2 Hertz? And that a glass of fresh pressed green juice measures 75 Hertz?

(Think about what that means for YOUR energies, remembering that principle, this is important: A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase.)

Obsessing about whether you got “enough grams of protein today” isn’t particularly relevant or helpful to your health, either. But considering the vibrational energy of your food is.

This tired, old talk of calories is the equivalent of going backwards in time, to when we used leeches and lobotomies in trying to help people conquer disease and depression!

Telling people to choose low-calorie foods and avoid high-calorie foods is just unhelpful, limited, and misses a far more important point. That is:

Understanding energies—your own, the energetic frequencies of your food, your medicine, your emotions—is powerful stuff. That’s what this revolutionary new book, Vibe, is all about.

Dr. Oz has said that “energy medicine is the next frontier in Medicine.”

Does that sound voodoo? Maybe you aren’t sure what energy medicine is. Let me give you a few examples:

Consider that lasers are simply focused frequencies. Lasers can kill, and lasers can heal!

Some frequencies can kill. Surgeons now kill a diseased organ, and cut it in pieces for removal, with a laser–pulling it out, through a half-inch incision. This has made many surgeries far less invasive, with fewer complications.

But then, here’s where it gets really exciting: another laser, with focused healing frequencies, can help your tissues regenerate 10 times faster than normal! Frequencies can heal.

Are you getting an idea of how powerful energetic frequencies, or vibrations, are? EEG’s and ECG’s are simply charting the frequencies of the brain and the heart. Understanding energies is already changing the face of Medicine—

–but until this new book, Vibe, no one had brought Einstein’s now-proven theories, and measurements regarding energies, to the practical ways we choose what to eat.

And there’s so much more, in the book. On how to be more peaceful and creative, how and why to forgive. How to interact with other people, how you decide what to medicate with, how to resolve negative emotions and thoughts.

All of this is possible when you understand your energies.

Atoms, molecules, DNA, these physical constructs–it’s not that they are invalid.

It’s that there’s more. Much more. Nikola Tesla said you would understand the secrets of the Universe when you figured this out, that your vibrational frequency actually has everything to do with….

….the kind of day you’re having
….whether your career is stalled or full of exciting opportunity
…..whether your relationships are loving, reciprocal, and exciting
…..whether your disease risk is minimized, or dangerously high
…..whether you’re depressed, or jumping out of bed in the morning ready for the day
…..whether you look younger than your years, or much older

And what’s exciting about vibrational frequency, is that you can change yours.

With the smallest of decisions and adjustments we learned from reviewing an advance copy of this amazing new book, Vibe.

Let’s start at the beginning. Let’s start with food. Thinking that calories and grams of carbs guide us to health, is the equivalent of living in Newton’s physics and biology.

It’s actually really easy to get started increasing your “vibe,” by printing the FREE Shopping List Robyn has provided, and thinking about the ways you would enjoy eating MORE of the 200 highest-frequency foods ever measured.

We suggest adding them to smoothies or salads, blending them into salad dressings, topping your main dish with them–anything that works in your routine.

Because doing so will have a dramatic effect on how you feel, how you look, and even how rapidly you’re aging.

When your cells are vibrating high, your disease risk is minimized. Researchers have discovered that when cells are clean, organs vibrate higher–and the optimized human nervous system registers stable, smooth, high frequencies.

Guess what that feels like?

It feels like calm, peace, joy, love–and the other measurable high-vibration states.

Take a look at the 45 Lowest-Vibration foods on the Shopping List, and consider eliminating or at least minimizing these foods in your diet.

Vibrational frequency is an amazing way to assess quality of life—health, happiness, relationships, career–everything that matters to you.

You can get a copy of the new book, Vibe, and get a lot of great bonuses, including a 7-Day Vibe Detoxusing only the 200 highest-frequency foods in the menus, shopping lists, and recipes. It all comes right to your Inbox when you pre-order the book.

P.S. This FREE book offer is going to sell out soon. Within the first 3 days she had given away 1/3 of the free ones. So, after that’s over you can still get the book at full price with bonuses, but if you want the Free (with shipping) you need to hurry! She originally said until Oct 31, but they aren’t going to last!

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