How to Make Progress without Tired All the Time Results

If you’re tired all the time, the fastest way to make progress is to stop. 

Truth. Women currently in midlife can have limited beliefs about exercise. 

If these ring true for you in spite of feeling more tired then stay tuned: 

Limiting Belief About Exercise 

  • I have to exercise because I want to lose weight 
  • I need to push through the exercise in spite of being tired all the time. 
  • When I get more fit I won’t feel so tired.
  • If I just lose the weight, then I’ll have more energy. 

Look, there are more but I’ll stop here. 

Let’s unpack each one of them. I’m going to unpack these AS IF, you’re tired all the time. 

Whether you:

  • Could take a nap after exercise
  • Are tired before you even begin 
  • Can’t get yourself going to exercise before noon 
  • Find you’re tired even following the Flipping 50 Formula for women in midlife 

… this is for you. 

You have to exercise if you want to lose weight. 

Truly at some point you will WANT to exercise, but if you’re exercising tired, you may be PREVENTING weight loss. 

How is that? It’s about the interaction of cortisol, adrenals, and fat storage.

You Need to push through exercise in spite of being tired all the time 

It’s immediate evidence that you’re defaulting to the “hard work” needed for results we were taught by post-depression parents! 1) it doesn’t need to be hard 2) pushing comes with no brownie badge, in fact is digging you deeper into that adrenal stress (low cortisol) and that can wreak havoc with your thyroid. All of which.. Responsible for your energy and metabolism. 

When I get more fit, I will have more energy.

Girlfriend, you won’t “get more fit” if you don’t have the right hormones operating and or have the wrong ones in a perfectly imbalanced place. 

This is a do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-$200 thing. You can’t skip ahead. 

If I just lose the weight, then I’ll have more energy. 

You can’t lose the weight while in fat storage. And when your adrenals are working overtime, your cortisol is off (too high or too low), there is no fat burning happening. Just adrenal stress. 


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