Three of My Favorite Women After 50 Weight Training Protocols

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 6.22.04 AMI’m frequently asked how I exercise and what I do for weight training. These are three of my favorite go-to workouts. How do I decide which to use? Sometimes I don’t: my schedule determines what I have time to do so I can still stay consistent. Other times I rotate the type of workout I do so that I don’t get too stale or stop paying attention. I know if my mind is drifting during a workout I’m not getting results I want!

  1. Monster Sets Weight Training

When: no time

Why: want to focus on hormone balance, lean muscle stimulation, metabolism boosting, bone density

How often: Infrequently, one to two times a month

What: follow a longer warm up than you might ordinarily do, begin with major muscle exercises (squat, row, chest press) and do a set truly fatiguing at 15 repetitions. Immediately reduce the weight and do another set of 15. Continue until you have done 3 minimum or up to 5 sets.

Who: experienced resistance trained exercisers


  1. Superset Weight Training

When: want a faster paced efficient use of time workout that also will be slightly low aerobic effort

Why: a good change in stimulus for muscles, serves as a low level aerobic workout for hormone balancing (replaces some cardio time)

How often: depending on goals, 1 time or less a week

What: pair two exercises that focus on opposing major muscle groups (e.g. chest press and back row), usually 3-4 sets

Who: Anyone who has a foundation and built up to doing multiple sets


  1. Circuit Weight Training

When: want to increase strength, muscle tissue, boost fat loss, and or bone density

Why: strategically allows rest between sets that increases results

How often: 1-2 times per week

What: Perform 3 or 4 exercises in a row each that hit a different muscle group so adequate rest is allowed before using a muscle or even body part again (upper body)

Who: Beginners and those not seeing results from current exercise (bootcamp-like programs don’t always allow rest between use of same muscle groups)

The Weight Training Details

Where you see certain protocols above listed with a frequency of 1 -2 times a week, note that you do want to do resistance training twice a week minimum. Yet, you might mix up what you do for “muscle confusion” and managing your multiple goals or juggling weight training within your personal schedule.

I, for instance, will almost always do two different protocols when I do weight training twice a week. I want my muscles to be surprised, in a nice way. Or, at least, I want the nice surprise that happens when muscles are not bored and adapt to easily to the program.

Share your comments and questions below. If you’d love to see one of these in action, let me know which and I’ll do a live video for you on Facebook or in Youtube!

You can find some great examples of other protocols I use to solve my private clients time, weight, and tone challenges here. 


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