The WELLU After 50 Podcast

The WELLU After 50 Podcast features how to, what to, and why to for the pro-aging boomer. If you’re looking for a great ride and not willing to settle for slowing down… then here’s where you pick up speed.
Sleep, stress, brain and memory to exercise and nutrition…where we’ve been doing it wrong, how to get it right and simple, easy ways to laugh yourself right into the next decade.
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I share stories, research, practical tips….and wonderful people with you who share their top tips for keeping silversity alive and well in your life. I warn you – this comes with the real truth, the real research, and the tips you need to transition through the decades.
Getting old is not for sissies. ~Betty Davis
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New! Energy Management with Alex Gil of Boulder, CO. Don’t miss….Alex gives a whopper gift at the end. Vitale 3/17/15
Listen to a live coaching call and see how guest Brenda Ford approaches getting the results she wants. Puzzled about fitting the pieces together? This will help! 4/30/15
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