The Green Light on Red Wine?

Red Wine Enthusiasts Share Delight in News About Brown Fat:

Should You Pour A Glass, Now?

It’s an interesting topic. Red wine drinkers are holding out hope that resveratrol in red wine that’s been shown to influence brown fat activation in white fat may help weight loss. A handful of articles tends to circulate and then recirculate.

A couple points about the reality of you, weight loss, hormones, and wine might be useful before you head to the next half dozen holiday parties.

First, if you don’t drink: don’t start. If drinking red wine offers benefits, it doesn’t offer more benefits than not drinking alcohol does. Especially true if you’re already overweight or having a battle with belly fat that wasn’t once there.

Second, if you are drinking though, white wine is attributed with some similar benefits based on some of the recent studies the positive health benefits are still skewed toward red wine. Those include helping avoid dementia, improving heart health, and inducing cardiovascular benefits. That’s in thanks to the resveratrol in red wine.

Third, the good news about the fat is that brown fat is “active” and can be burned as heat during exercise or to keep you warm.

Resveratrol is also in blueberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries and apples. About four ounces of fruit is the equivalent of resveratrol ingested during the studies. So you could load your smoothie in the morning with berries, and have the apple with nut butter in the afternoon and experience some of the same benefits.

In fact, perhaps by eating the fruit you’d get more. In some of the contemporary methods of harvesting and wine production processes the beneficial components are lost compared with traditional wine making. The benefits enjoyed by Sardenia residents may not be matched by the wine you buy at the liquor store.

Cheers to you this holiday!

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