The Exercise Cellulite Solution: Episode 7


Yes, there is something you can do about cellulite. Yes, it’s non-invasive and really requires a lot of things you’re probably already doing to take good care of yourself. Add a few small tweaks and you’re going to see more tone and less cellulite. 

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Here’s the 4-Step Strategy I demonstrated for upper arm and hip cellulite on this episode.

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength Train
  3. Roll
  4. Stretch

Think of it as ironing out the cellulite. You really want firm pressure as you roll. It’s not a comfortable massage.

The resource mentioned:

The Stick

Foam rollers you can find at most sporting goods stores as well as discount stores.

Take before and after pictures! Track your consistent 4-Step adherence. If you do this consistently for 8 weeks you will see change. show-7

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