The Best of 2016 Flipping 50 Blogs

These six blogs were selected based on a popularity contest. That’s right, these are the homecoming queen candidates of the blog class of 2016. The blog posts with the most likes, comments, and shares from you readers earned their due spot here in this list.

I’m sharing my comments below each blog and why I think this got your attention, what prompted me to write it, and what I hope you take away from it. Here they are in David Letterman style…

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10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You


Everyone loves a secret, or maybe hates one in this case, and you want to know if there are things you should be aware of about your personal trainer. I wrote this based on having taught emerging trainers for 15 years at ISU, and having trained trainers and supervised interns as we grew a thriving training program for 7 years.


The 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Over 50 Make Most Often

After 32 years patterns emerge. Now more than ever that’s true as I work almost exclusively with women between 48 and 65. We have some old thoughts to unlearn and this list caught your eye. I suspect because there’s some frustration in what’s not working and the lack of support that is all about you, for you specifically, from someone who gets you.


Six Reasons You Can’t Stick With It and What To Do About It

Who hasn’t started something and stopped it, dropped it, or slid back into old habits even when it was all going so well? Self-sabotage has been a hot topic all year in blogs, podcasts, and even on the Flipping 50 TV.


10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Holidays or Not

In this blog I revealed all of my personal tricks for sticking to it even when other things are begging for time and attention. We all have resistance to the very thing that is going to get us to our goals. After writing it, I realized just how much I rely on these tricks almost every day!


Why Protein Powder Became a Staple After 50 Years of Refusing

It’s no secret there is controversy about protein powders. You’ve probably got a strong opinion. I do and I did not long ago have a very different one. This was a total reveal about how I changed and the mistakes I made for quite a while that I hope I help you avoid.


5 Step Exercise Plan and Workout Guide for Energy Boosting and Fat Burning

This has been the number one most popular blog post of the year! Crazy since as simple as I thought it was at the time, it evolved from a spur of the moment video I did earlier in the year. Because of its popularity I’m doing a five part live series about how to plan your New Year’s workouts next week. Watch for the announcement on the page.

I’d love to hear from you if there’s a blog here that really struck a cord with you. Likewise, if there is something missing that you’d like to hear more about and a search for a topic doesn’t reveal anything that you’re looking for, please ask! I’m listening.

My mission with Flipping 50 is to provide you with up-to-date information that caters to YOU, a woman who is approaching the second 50 or who is in it and determined to love it and live it fully. You’ve got gifts and wisdom, and you’ve potentially raised a family and now want to sit back (or lean in!) and enjoy your work. If that resonates with you, let’s flipping do this!

The best selling program of the year has been the Flipping 50 28-Day Kickstart and I’ve spent this past month polishing it up and improving it with more pre-program preparation and more in session live workouts with me to boost your results.

Give yourself the best possible gift by starting off this New Year eating more, exercising less, and boosting your energy.


Hurry while you can still get the bonuses that make this program even easier!

Pre-program prep materials start coming your way Jan 2

The program starts officially Jan 9

and Live video workouts start this week!  

Read more about the program, bonuses, and join the Private Facebook group now.

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