The Best After 50 Videos of 2015

Best of 2015 Videos

My YouTube channel has grown by 1000% percent in the last year, proof that we like to see people, hear people, and are tired of reading screens! Here’s the best of from my YT Channel, allagesfitness. Got a vote? Love to hear it!

If you’d love a warm up to cool down 4-video series of exercise videos to start off your New Year, they’re here! I just created four workouts and do every rep with you. We focus on metabolism, posture, power, and technique for safe effective exercises that challenge and give you a variety. Heading to the gym? Take the cheat sheet and repeat the sequence there. See more.  First launch January 6-7.

Funny isn’t how I can see a variety of bad hair days here!

Happy New Year, Fitness Followers! Thanks for being here. Let me know how I can support you in 2016. You can do anything one step at a time.


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