Sharon, 55

I feel like I’m 20 again! Ok well maybe 30! LOL


I’ve never felt stronger in my life! (Lost 75 pounds at age 64)


I did it without being a slave to the scale. (lost 40 pounds in four months)

Laurie R.

…the food plan is fantastic.  My husband joins me on the weekends in a protein shake.  He also has been more supportive than normal in better eating options.  This is my biggest win.  The plan (when I stick with it) controls my stomach issues and keeps my blood sugar levels in check.   Love it!

Jodi T.

I found enormous value in [the Fit U program]. Clarity about nutrition, exercise, and habits that slow or accelerate fat loss is fantastic. Extremely content rich, user-friendly, well researched, comprehensive and do-able, taking people’s time constraints into account.

Nancy G.

Food changes were the biggest value. I am sleeping much better.

Pam C.

I implemented the nutrition plan and still follow it most of the time.  The biggest thing is the food plan has allowed me to eat, and not just calories in and calories out.   I have never been a salad person and the food plan gave me permission to eat protein and carbohydrates without feeling guilty. I …

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Ruth W

The biggest value of the Fit U program for me was the education…how the foods I ate and when I ate them would/could be used for my good, how the exercises I choose to do can enhance or take away from my overall goal, how at 50 + it really is easy to be healthy, …

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Pam G

To say I feel great would be an understatement, I have not felt this well, healthy and strong in many years. I followed the [program] to a T, along with the exercise suggested. What I love about this program is that I can sustain it. I’ve done other programs where I’ve lost weight, fast, but …

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