Gail B, 65

My name is Gail, and I’m 65 years old. I’ve never tried weight training prior to STRONGER. The best part of STRONGER, for me, was that this program made weight training both accessible and possible. I have read many times that weight training is important for many reasons, the most important of which to me …

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28 Day Kickstarter

The program was really a godsend to get me focused on the right things for this time of life… …INCHES change: 12.5 inches!  So pleased… Weight change:  I don’t have a scale, but biometric screening at work showed a 10 lb weight loss since last year.  I attribute to your program, entirely.

28 Day Kickstarter

I don’t have any cravings. I have to remind myself to eat! I have this crazy amount of energy now…

Ginny M.

During the first week, I already lost 4 pounds! And an inch at my waist and two under my bra line!

28 Day Kickstarter

I haven’t even followed everything according to the law but I’ve learned so much, am so much more aware and feel so much better!

Sherry, 59

The meal plan is easy and I had no cravings so no more binges!

Jen, 57

I do not have food cravings and am not really tempted to eat things containing sugar such as cookies, cake, or ice cream. I feel better about this area of my life because I have a plan and have better control.

Terry W, 57

I want to thank you again for an eye-opening experience. (lost 9 pounds and 4.5 inches)

Susan, 55

I started this to lose weight and get my body back. I got my life back!

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