Sarah, 57

Weight Loss Continues I lost about 4-5 pounds during the month of February and since then I’ve dropped a few more. I have also lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. Even more importantly now almost a month later I have kept up with eating MUCH cleaner, emphasizing the same foods I ate during …

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Camille, 59

The bottomline: Technically my 28 days will end on Tuesday, but I won’t have time to measure that day so I did it today, Day 26. I have lost a total of 8 pounds and am down 11.75 inches. My goal was to lose somewhere between 5-10 pounds. I feel great about 8. The whole …

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Stronger than I was 8-10 years ago

You have taken your extensive experience training athletes looking for improved performance as well as people like most of us looking for an improved quality of life (ability to ski without fear of injury, play basketball with our kids, improved muscle definition to feel more confident and to hold onto our youthful appearance!) and translated …

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Final Weight, Inches, and Body Comp changes

Overall results (from July to mid-November 2018) Starting weight: 150.8                                       Weight now: 134.6                                                                Diff.:       -16.2 pds Starting percent body fat: 30.2%               Percent body fat now: 21.9%                                                            -8.3% Starting measurements:                                 Measurements now: Upper arm: 12 in                                 Upper arm: 11 in Chest: 32 in                                             Chest: 29 in Belly button: 32 in                              Belly button: 28 in Hip: 40 …

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Turning Point

It was the turning point in getting my fitness and weight loss goals to become a reality. Can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Brenda B.

Rebecca, 56

The best part of Stronger program was keeping me accountable to actually do consistent workouts. Changes have been actually seeing & feeling bicep muscle. Also, gradually being able to lift heavier weights than before. What made this program different and for me? I actually have never done any strength training programs before, just random videos …

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What the Stronger program has taught me, brought me… – a super program with clear explanations and easy to adapt to where I am both in my fitness level and easy to bring along – a commitment to looking after myself… the accountability was-is fun – a program adapted to the realities for a 50 …

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Betty Jo

The best part of Stronger is just that – I am stronger. The program held me motivated me to make myself accountable for ‘me’ time and got me back on track and into a routine. The support of the other women in the program was awesome and the weeks flew by. Plus, no burpees. With …

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Marilyn, 59

I’m Marilyn and I’m 2 months shy of 60 years old.  The Stronger program came during a time when I was in a slump and only doing bare minimum exercise.  I had played around with weights at different times, but never seemed to progress.  I’d either start out too light and easy and see little …

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Laurie, 67

During the 8 weeks of The Stronger program I have achieved body strength along with stabilizing the muscles around my replacement hip (surgery 2 yrs. ago) Other awesome benefits: my clothing that was snug fit comfortably I have much more muscle definition I am sleeping better (especially on workout days) more energy during the day and …

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