Sarah, 57

Weight Loss Continues I lost about 4-5 pounds during the month of February and since then I’ve dropped a few more. I have also lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. Even more importantly now almost a month later I have kept up with eating MUCH cleaner, emphasizing the same foods I ate during the program. BEFORE THE PROGRAM Prior to starting the program I was drinking too much coffee and alcohol, eating too much cheese and yogurt, and succumbing too often the urge to eat more processed foods like GF breads, tortillas, and even deserts. I felt tired, had digestive issues and stomach pain and I knew I had to take better care of myself. I also slept very restlessly. Since [the program] I have lost many of my cravings and I’m now consuming these foods only very moderately. I still love my morning smoothies, they really keep me going for several hours. My stomach pain is WAY reduced and I am sleeping much better with far fewer wakes in the night. My mood has been generally more steady as well. SUSTAINED THROUGH TRAVEL I recently took a short business-related trip. Usually it’s pretty difficult for me to keep to a good eating protocol when flying and traveling as it’s so hard to find good healthy foods. But, I planned ahead and managed to keep to eat much more healthily than normal, which of course resulted in me feeling better and having better energy for the conference. I even got in a mini workout despite the grueling schedule and having a roommate in the hotel room! Even when I ended up experiencing travel problems that caused me to have to stay in a strange city overnight, I still managed to make wise choices. Sarah, 57
Sarah, 57
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