Rebecca, 56

The best part of Stronger program was keeping me accountable to actually do consistent workouts. Changes have been actually seeing & feeling bicep muscle. Also, gradually being able to lift heavier weights than before. What made this program different and for me? I actually have never done any strength training programs before, just random videos that I never stuck with.  I like that this is tailored to my age bracket and is easy to follow and stick with.  I like how Debra explains the whys and hows in each routine too. What would I say to a woman on the fence about starting Stronger? I am one who hesitates & procrastinates but couldn’t any longer and am so glad I decided to give this program a try.  It’s doing my body good and helping me feel better about myself! It’s been a great place for me to start on a more fit & healthier path. Jump in and see! ~Rebecca, 56
Rebecca, 56
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