What the Stronger program has taught me, brought me… – a super program with clear explanations and easy to adapt to where I am both in my fitness level and easy to bring along – a commitment to looking after myself… the accountability was-is fun – a program adapted to the realities for a 50 plus body with injuries, aches and quirks – the realization that I can do this and with the clear instructions I have improved my strength, flexibility overall and range of motion in my shoulders. I have torn ligaments and had limited working my arms and shoulders. I adapted and tested with the weights and found I could follow with the program with no pain other than usual post training fatigue and soreness from a good workout – the accountability and encouragements from the group is fun , challenging and reassuring. – the knowledge and respectful attitude shared by Debra is awesome and pushed me to do more, do it well… its like having a trainer with me. I love Truman and the added human aspect he brought to the program – good for the morale… mood… nice after-exercise feeling – good add-on to walking- running- etc I worked with a younger kinesiologist in the past, and learned lots. However I have truly enjoyed this program. Debra is a passionate, terrific communicator with the knowledge and experience to transmit all this flipping info. Bonne journée Nancy
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