Marilyn, 59

I’m Marilyn and I’m 2 months shy of 60 years old.  The Stronger program came during a time when I was in a slump and only doing bare minimum exercise.  I had played around with weights at different times, but never seemed to progress.  I’d either start out too light and easy and see little benefit, or go too heavy and deal with injured muscles/joints.  It made me hesitant to ever tackle weights again.  But the best part of Stronger for me has been having Debra right there each session, reminding me about every detail with my form, encouraging me to do an appropriate weight for the day and for particular muscle groups.  I have noticed more upper body strength, with more flexibility in my shoulders. I think the biggest differences in this program and others I’ve tried are: 1) accountability (I’ve paid and I’ve got to check-in, so I’m going to do it!), and 2) having my own, personal “weight trainer” on the screen! If you are “on the fence” about getting started, I’d say: Today’s the day! Get down and get started! This is a safe and easy way to start weight training without gym fees or personal trainer fees. Do it for YOU!
Marilyn, 59
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