Laurie, 67

During the 8 weeks of The Stronger program I have achieved body strength along with stabilizing the muscles around my replacement hip (surgery 2 yrs. ago) Other awesome benefits:
  • my clothing that was snug fit comfortably
  • I have much more muscle definition
  • I am sleeping better (especially on workout days)
  • more energy during the day and my brain feels clearer!!!
[Debra’s] video instructions were easy to follow along; lots of great information to get better results. Those were results I expected with pushing myself with the exercises each week. What I was surprised by was the “coming home to self” I have had through this program. I love feeling the physical strength; but just as important; I love feeling the inner strength. I walk with my head up engaged in my surroundings. I am owning my place in the world again. The Stronger Program has been a great experience; the support from you and from others in the group has been a huge motivator and I am looking to keep going forward with all that I have learned form this. Thank you! Fondly, Laurie C., 67
Laurie, 67
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