Gail B, 65

My name is Gail, and I’m 65 years old. I’ve never tried weight training prior to STRONGER. The best part of STRONGER, for me, was that this program made weight training both accessible and possible. I have read many times that weight training is important for many reasons, the most important of which to me are to prevent muscle wasting as we age, and for bone health. However, I had no idea how to begin a weight training program. I was worried about the possibility I could injure myself, and was simply intimidated by the whole idea. Since starting STRONGER, I’m very happy to report that I actually am getting stronger. I’m needing to use heavier weights to reach muscle fatigue as I do the exercises. I’m also noticing that I have more stamina than I did before I started the program. What made this program different was that Debra specifically designed STRONGER to help women over 50 safely get started with weight training and take them where they want to go – which is exactly what I needed. The exercise videos themselves were full of helpful tips about proper exercise form as well as a lot of information about weight training in general. Debra provided the context about why we were doing a particular exercise, or set of exercises, which will help us learn to design our own workouts going forward. Additionally, the women in my Face Book group were very supportive. There was camaraderie, not competition. Debra also participated in the Face Book group and answered participants’ specific questions. She was able to suggest helpful modifications to exercises when needed. She has years of practical experience and a real talent for coaching, which came through in her responses. To anyone who may be on the fence about starting STRONGER, I get it – I was, too. But I finally decided I would do it for one 8-week session (thinking I could do anything for 8 weeks), and I’m glad I did. This has been a very positive experience for me. I’m grateful to Debra for providing me with the information and support I needed to get started with weight training. She’s shown me it’s something I can do, and now I want to continue with it in the future.
Gail B, 65
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