Final Weight, Inches, and Body Comp changes

Overall results (from July to mid-November 2018) Starting weight: 150.8                                       Weight now: 134.6                                                                Diff.:       -16.2 pds Starting percent body fat: 30.2%               Percent body fat now: 21.9%                                                            -8.3% Starting measurements:                                 Measurements now: Upper arm: 12 in                                 Upper arm: 11 in Chest: 32 in                                             Chest: 29 in Belly button: 32 in                              Belly button: 28 in Hip: 40 in                                                  Hip: 35 in Thigh right leg: 20.5 in                     Thigh right leg: 19 in Calf right leg: 14.5 in                         Calf right leg: 14 in Total: 151 in                                           Total: 136                                                                                                       -15 in
Final Weight, Inches, and Body Comp changes
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