Taking Care of The Girls for Peak Performance After 50

Twin Peaks are On A Race To Your Socks

One of the disadvantages of having an older sister is she tells you exactly what’s coming. So when she made the comment above several years ago before I even crossed the 5-0 threshold I was less than excited. It was funny then. Because she was talking about hersituation.

So I completely understand the reader question about how to enhance breasts. While exercise may not make them “perkier” you can boost the appearance and your posture and change the va-voom effect.

I don’t spend a lot of time on chest muscle exercises for many adults for a lot of reasons I think well justified. Whether I’m working with someone who sits at a desk all day, enjoys hours on a bike each week, runs regularly, has children or grandchildren – life is out front. So our chest muscles and our frontal shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid) tend to be shortened. That doesn’t mean toned but the passive back muscles that are allowing everything to round forward (unless you make conscious effort to open the chest regularly) mean that strengthening the chest is overemphasizing an already bad situation.

Instead, I often leave out chest exercises, and opt in favor of back exercises for both big (rowing, lat pull down) and small (retraction or ‘sewing your shoulder blades together’) and stretching the anterior muscles. Men need the same approach much of the time.

We rarely do it! One of the most common errors (tune in next week for errors regarding flat abs) in strength training is overemphasis on the “mirror muscles.” We can use and see our form in the mirror quite easily doing a chest press, bench press, or bicep curl. Both testosterone rich boys and beginning exercisers use the mirror feedback.

So, while I concede here with chest exercises that can definitely help you and the girls, the twin peaks, or whatever you reference your treasure chest as… you only will enjoy the results and keep pain at bay if you also equally (and almost double would be better) pay attention to your back muscles.

Try this simple way to enhance your breasts. Stand in front of your mirror. Don’t adjust just stand. Take a selfie if you’re into that. Now bring your shoulders down and back. Adapt a superhero stance so that now your chest is lifted, your shoulders down and back. Think “proud” or banker’s chest. Lift your sternum and drop your shoulder blades down toward your hips, not rigid but more military than you might be used to. Ta Da! For 90% of the people who do just this… you already look and feel as if you you have a better set.

On to exercises.

Gravity is not your friend. The muscles on top of your chest, the upper part of your pectorals is probably caved in and flat. That’s not your breasts but the underlying muscles. These upper chest muscles are best exercised by pressing in an incline position.

Rather than perform a chest press on a flat perform it on an incline bench. To get the same effect standing at a cable put the cable at chest or waist level and press upward at an angle. (when you do this use caution: you’re getting into shoulder muscles which are smaller and often more vulnerable to injury- go lighter on weight).

Don’t skip flat bench or chest press on cables parallel to the chest entirely. And also be sure you go in the opposite direction: decline bench. If you were lying down your head would be lower than your hips. To avoid this if it’s uncomfortable use the cable machine again with the pin above your chest height and press downward.

Push ups if you can tolerate them are a chest exercise. Lower with a variety of feet positions. To recreate the incline and declines you would place your hands on a bench/step or your feet on a step or chair.

Include rowing exercises, retraction exercises, and good chest openers from yoga.

I’ve inserted a few simple and short video clips here to help.


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