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Looking for health & fitness recommendations that are made for you, and only you?

Are you done with the one-size-fits all ages, sizes, …

How Improve Your Fitness without Exercise | Sauna Benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice to get fit without exercise? I’ve been asked that one. I may have looked back as if the inquiring mind had two heads, since I love the …

…Without more Exercise

More exercise is the intuitive answer. It isn’t always the right answer. Maybe you can’t do more. Your time is already spoken for and there’s no place to put more exercise.

Maybe you shouldn’t. You’re a mid-life …

How much thought do you give to the white space? That is the space between your workouts? Like great art, the space between paintings in the gallery is no accident. It gives you the chance to appreciate the art. Ditto

Exercising regularly without regular results? In this day of boot camp, “go hard or go home” advice, and all-too-common adrenal fatigue among women at half time of life, this discussion from You Still Got It, Girl! deserves some real estate

You’ve got goals! In today’s episode, Julie is planning to do a marathon. She knows weight training is important to avoid muscle loss and wants help juggling the increasing miles and demand on time and energy.

Fortunately, marathon training …

Women Exercising on Treadmills at Health Club

If you’re not doing interval training, you’ve heard of interval training. In terms of getting the most return in the least amount of time, interval training is a beautiful thing.

The balance to high intensity interval training, and much of …

Welcome to the first edition of The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women!

If this is your first visit and pass through my site, in your shoes, I’d be wondering who this chic is and how she has authority to …


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