Healthy Holiday Recipes From My Table to Yours

This healthy holiday recipes collection is from a popular subscriber-only email last year. [My subscribers always get all the hot news first and I share things with them I share no where else!] [...]

2 Fit Kitchen Recipes | Restaurant-Worthy Flipping 50-Approved

I love summer but I also kind of like getting back into the kitchen more and I’m inclined to do that on cool days. Having a fit kitchen is the best way to stay get and stay healthy whether [...]

Comfort Food For Better After 50 Fitness

“Do you like to cook?” I stared back blankly. Now, as a coach, I’d have to call my bluff: if it’s not a yes – it’s a no. Yet, I really do like to cook. At [...]

Flavorful Taco Salad without Sodium or Corn Chip Temptations

Taco Salad Solutions Let’s face it, there are days when another day of a virtuous salad just isn’t going to cut it. Then there’s paying for the “other” choice. Have [...]

A Recipe For Fast Lunches or Snacks

I’m Playing Hooky This Week… So While I’m Away I’ve pulled a few favorite recipes out of the files for you. In all seriousness, I’m watching my son play golf. So [...]

Tailgate (or anytime) Recipes That Won’t Sideline You

Even if you or your tailgate guest don’t have food sensitivities these snacks will disappear. Go off the grid with some healthier options that don’t have dairy, gluten or grains, not [...]