How Much High Intensity Exercise is Too Much?

high intensity exercise primer

Are you doing too much high intensity exercise? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the holy grail of fitness trends for the past several years. Is it the Holy Grail for

exercise slows your aging processWe grey. We wrinkle. We gain weight and lose strength. We die. But do we have to gain weight and lose strength? And can we not just increase longevity but increase the quality of the longer life? There’s plenty of …

20-Minute Fitness, Really?

Reality is that it isn’t just the holidays that we need this. Life is going at mock speed sometimes. The good news is, done right, 20-minute fitness routines can not only be enough, they can be perfect …

I’m pulling back the curtains, and the covers literally, in this episode. From pajamas to pajamas, here’s the little things I do..AND some updates in the blog post below. We all upgrade occasionally! I polish off habits too!

Watch this …

Reviewing a variety of interval training protocols (and yes, I share two with you here) to use for a new Flipping 50 Fit U program [designed for women who have more than 20 pounds to lose, and between 50 and …

Research on the beneficial fat burning boost of interval training is abundant.

There’s a significant boost in fat burning after exercise with intermittent, or interval, exercise as compared to steady state kinds of exercise.

I wrote in You Still Got

Women Exercising on Treadmills at Health Club

If you’re not doing interval training, you’ve heard of interval training. In terms of getting the most return in the least amount of time, interval training is a beautiful thing.

The balance to high intensity interval training, and much of …


You may have an amazing doctor. I hope you do. Too frequently this happens: a reader or client tells me about an experience at her doctor’s office that makes the hair …

Interval Tuesday is Back!

Whether you’re doing intervals on the Nu Step or the track, in the pool or on the elliptical, they provide a time efficient way to get results. If you’re just joining the blog, check out the

Interval Training Has It’s Perks

And in case you’re wondering here they are:


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