Stress-Reducing Exercise (That Promotes Fat Loss): Episode 19

You love exercise. You’ve got belly fat. Chances are you’re overdoing exercise to blast fat off. But it backfires. Sound familiar? My question today is from Maria who is doing weight training and [...]

Exercise Less and Have the Body and Energy You Want: Episode 17

You’ve got goals! In today’s episode, Julie is planning to do a marathon. She knows weight training is important to avoid muscle loss and wants help juggling the increasing miles and [...]

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated: Flipping 50 TV 16

In this episode Susan asked for help getting and staying motivated. Though there are a few steps that she needs to do so that she has a plan for exercise and eating that will help her, that’s not [...]

Lift More, Lose More: Flipping 50 Episode 12

Have you ever felt more “bulky” from exercise than lean and sculpted?  You want to lose weight and you wonder why everyone seems to be telling you to lift weights? This is definitely [...]

Exercise and Meals in Minutes for Your Hormone Health: Episode 1

Here’s where you’ll find all the resources for each episode of the Flipping 50 TV show. If I mention a resource, or share a recipe, give you a special coupon code, I’ll share it [...]

Coming Soon! The Flipping 50 TV Show Launch Right here!

The Flipping 50 TV show is launching right here! Episodes will appear here and you’ll get all the juicy details right on the blog here at !! The first season of Flipping [...]