Kill cravings. Sounds easy and yet if you experience them, it’s anything but. Use these tricks. They’ll get to the heart of physiological cravings. If you’re upset with someone or hating your job and that’s causing your stress-driven cravings, they may help less, but could give you the foundation for making better decisions about what to do about it!

  1. Increase your protein and fiber.

Increased fiber intake can kill cravings, especially soluble fiber, can help if portion control is an issue. Studies with greater fiber there is decreased food intake and increased body fat loss voluntarily. The protein helps retain lean muscle even during weight loss, which is important if you’re over 50 so you can keep the metabolism elevated.

Increase your fiber intake by including both soluble fiber from veggies and skins of fruit like apples that keep you full, and insoluble sources like oats, beans, and legumes, which help with elimination.

In fact, up to 50 grams a day can boost your weight loss without you having to starve, especially if you have significant amount of weight to lose. Increase gradually to avoid discomfort.

Flip: Add veggies to smoothies, and fill your plate with them. Start there. Then add chia seeds, hemp hearts, or ground flax seeds to salads and smoothies. 

  1. Do 6 minutes of exercise before lunch.

A little bit of movement goes a long ways to kill cravings. If you’ve been sitting at your desk all morning, even if your stomach is growling, take 10 before you eat. Research shows as little as six minutes of exercise within 30 minutes of lunch made subjects choose healthier and lower calorie options. This reduced appetite is related to higher intensity exercise. Moderate to low activity does not have the same appetite suppression and can increase appetite.

Flip: Pick a hill near your house and power up it for a minute. Recover down and repeat a total of six times. Alternatively, hop on your treadmill or tackle the stairs in your office building for a minute six times.

  1. Get quality pillow time.

If you’re short on sleep you’ll be long on cravings thanks to cortisol. Just a single night of poor sleep can make you vulnerable, so if you’re sleepless more often you’re definitely going to have to battle snack attacks. Kill cravings with some simple habit changes.

Flip: Create a bedtime and nighttime routine that helps you relax and keep the same schedule seven days a week. Try the Bedtime app on your phone.

  1. Stay hydrated.

The same cortisol hormone that causes cravings due to sleep deprivation will be released if you stress your system by giving it too little water. Drinking more water doesn’t make you a fat burner, but the lack of water can halt fat metabolism and make you a fat packer. Do yourself a simple (easy and economical) fat-burning favor and drink up on pure filtered water.

Flip: Make your water more appealing with one of these…






PMS, stress, and sleepless nights can cause cravings. What do they mean? Does your salt craving mean something different than a sugar craving? Is it in your head or a physiological need for something? Dr. Stephen Cabral shares his insights and his personal story of healing from a life-altering illness. 

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Could Essential Oils Be A Key That Unlocks Your Weight Loss? Dr Mariza Snyder fills me in!

Through functional medicine, whole foods and self-care practices Dr Mariza Snyder was able to heal her own adrenal dysregulation, fatigue and chronic migraines related to hormone imbalance.

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During busy non-stop days you’re spending a lot of your willpower. If you’re too busy to snack on anything of substance, you may be more tempted to just grab anything once your willpower bank account is low. Be prepared.

Whether you are a teacher or a woman with a tight schedule who hits the ground running while at work and then whose tank is low at the end of the day or not, you’ve probably run into a stressful time when cravings hit. This one’s for you. If you negate stress with exercise but feel limited by a joint issue, like the knee pain I target today, you’ll find answers here.

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Pantry Raid:

Stock the kitchen with the right stuff and remove processed items and your triggers.

If you bring it into the house, you plan to eat it. That doesn’t mean you never will treat yourself. You’ll just be able to consciously decide to go out and get it and do it. When you do, get a single size serving and enjoy it. That alone may reduce the times you do it, or minimize the damage.

Minute Made Meals (and Snacks):

Have a ready-snack. You could eat a whole bag of Oreos by yourself? Have a creamy chocolate option that won’t kill your goals and give you a sugar hangover. This rich creamy treat is a blood-sugar stabilizer packed with protein to help your goals not sabotage them.

Mint Chocolate Chip Bowl

My Chocolate Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Pulse the cherries, hemp hearts, and liquid first. Then blend all the ingredients until smooth. Add antioxidants by adding a handful of greens. If you don’t have a NutriBullet in the break room and you do have a refrigerator, why not? [Save $20 AND shipping on a NutriBullet here for watching!]

Top with fresh or slightly thawed berries, sliced almonds (pictured), raw coconut or use your imagination!

This smoothie is loaded with the protein and fiber that kill cravings plus healthy fat to satisfy you for hours. Hemp hearts offer high plant-based protein as well as fiber. In addition to adding fiber the chia seeds and avocado make this good-for-you-treat similar to chocolate mousse.

For an afternoon snack after a busy day and before some calming exercise that will wind you down, this is a sinfully-good smart snack. If you don’t love chocolate as much as I do? You can do a vanilla version. It’s ridiculous to think you’ll never want a treat. Be prepared.

Muscles in Minutes:

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