What’s the science behind upper arm toning exercises? How do you get tone or get it back after 50? It’s all in this episode.

Say goodbye to bat wings, bingo arms and the second wave good bye! I’m sharing 10 upper arm exercises that you can do at home. Inevitably, one of more of these may not work for you for one reason or another. You’ll still have plenty of options for creating a workout that won’t bore you and will keep those muscles guessing.

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Drum roll…

10 Upper Arm Toning Exercises You Can Do At Home

    • Triceps kickback single


  • Triceps kickback (seated or standing)



  • Triceps press (seated or standing)



  • Skull crushers



  • Lying triceps extensions



  • Lying triceps extensions with kettle bell/weight palms in neutral



  • Straight-arm triceps extension (seated or standing)



  • Close-grip chest press



  • Dips



  • Triceps triangle pushups



[Watch the video any time for quick how-to set up and perform each]

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Q: I’ve lost 40, 50 or 100 pounds and I have loose skin. How can I tone that?

Q: Can I do upper arm exercises on alternate days I do other weights?

Q: I have upper arm cellulite even though I have tone. Are there upper arm exercises that help that?

It is somewhat genetic

It is tied to decreasing estrogen that leads to decreased circulation.

The solution to increased circulation is move them!

Arm-centric cardio exercise (you know I love boxing, and swimming, even non-cardio yoga- provided you’re doing down dog and transitioning using your upper body) will help.

Don’t forget strength training. It should be on the top of your list. In addition to decreasing estrogen, you’ve got decreasing testosterone, causing muscle to evacuate the premises. So you need to stimulate that muscle at least twice a week in a way that fatigues it so you’ll regain some lean muscle and help boot flabby fat from running the show.

The Best Upper Arm Toning Exercises

Combine upper body focused cardio with strength training options I mention and you’ll have the best exercise approach.

For the details on how to get started with the right weight, sets, and reps grab the cheat sheet at flippingfifty.com/10armex  because in it I tell you how to choose for where you are right now, and then give you a page to create and record your own workout plan. Seriously, start it right now and you’ll have arms of envy in 6-8 weeks.

In the cheat sheet I also share the importance of nutrition and a few habits that will help. The biggest thing though is remembering:

  • Arm tone is not only about arm exercises. You’ve got to change that metabolism.
  • You’ve got to use both the joints the triceps muscles cross.
  • You’ve got to hit a variety of exercises because you’ve got three muscles in this triceps group.

You do have to focus on metabolism boosting exercises… that is those that cause you to reach muscular fatigue. Not just overall body fatigue we know of as tired and losing form.

You do want and need functional types of exercises but if you’re not also really taxing muscle to change muscle you’re doing less for metabolism than you could be  – and that metabolic boost will help your arm tone and definition.

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Exercise for Cellulite Reduction Solutions

First things first: cellulite reduction and this conversation is not about perfection! It IS about confidence though. Not feeling your best can rock your confidence and who needs that!?

Cottage cheese. Dimples. Whatever you call it, no one wants to see it. Do cellulite reduction solutions actually work? Do they have to hurt? Are results temporary or permanent?

Back in 2016 I shared a 4-step cellulite reduction solutions process and it worked.

There’s new research on cellulite and it’s 5-steps. It works better. I’m putting final touches on a brand new program to target cellulite. I’ll share more and a special invite to be a part of the beta group (for 50% off) later.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite: what it is – beyond the dimples and cottage cheese – and what causes it.

  • Age– it happens at any age. Teenagers can have cellulite. Genetics are clearly at play. That’s your DNA and yet, epigenetics matter. More.
  • Muscle– losses start happening at age 30 unless you’re actively doing something to prevent it! Fast twitch muscle is lost 2x as fast as slow and that effects your metabolism!
  • Fat– increases by default if muscle decreases. Fat increases can occur due to poor eating, increased stress, as well as that slowing metabolism caused by less muscle.
  • Skin– Aging skin is a big part of the cellulite problem and improving your skin is a part of cellulite reduction. Collagen production reduces as you age causing things like more pronounced wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite.
  • Sleep– All of the repairs to muscle and skin occur while you’re sleeping. So if you’re not sleeping enough or not sleeping well cellulite may get the edge. Stress-induced cortisol doesn’t help you burn fat, it increases fat storage, so sleep is a must.

Cellulite reduction solutions:

Sleep enough. Know your personal need.

Eat for fat and cellulite reduction and for skin rejuvenation. That’s not low fat necessarily but quality fat.

Lift weights to fatigue.

Cardio interval in the right frequency and intensity.

Sequence your exercise correctly. There are 5 steps that make all the difference.

Get the right intensity at the right dose. It’s not now nor has it ever been more of what’s not working!

If you’d like consistent improvement vs. random improvising check out the brand new STRONGER II: Smooth & Strong. You’re invited to be a part of this 12-week case study as we launch in beta.

If you’re interested in help long term and not just for a few minutes, now’s the time. I’m launching STRONGER II: Smooth & Strong a 12-week program and I’m looking for women for our beta program willing to commit and share before and after results and program feedback.



Chalene Johnson podcast

2016 Flipping 50 podcast

Flipping 50 TV episode 29

New cellulite solutions exist that are based on the same principles that bring good health. It’s just all about how you sequence them. This episode is all about assessing what’s going on and getting motivated by solving the root cause of fatigue and creating a plan that integrates it all.

Today’s question comes from Katie who writes,“ I’ve always exercised and tried to eat as healthy as possible. I’ve never had a weight problem but over the last 5 years I’ve been losing my motivation. I’ve put on 10 lbs. and I’m noticing loose skin and cellulite getting worse every year.

I’m plain tired a lot. I take yoga and Pilates class once a week and try to get my walks in. I know I’ve got to get more cardio and weights. I feel like I’m having a hard time getting a plan into action.

The loose skin in triceps area and cellulite are really bugging me – it’s even on my arms. I need some motivation and energy.”

I’ve got new cellulite solutions for Katie, but first we assess signs and symptoms that leave clues about what’s under the weight gain and the lack of motivation. Katie’s flipping scorecard looks like this:

My quick recommendations for Katie include:

When lifting weights, always do a full body routine. You want to reach fatigue. Follow this sequence:

You’re doing them anyway but sequence matters. Learn more in Muscles in Minutes.

Muscles in Minutes | New Cellulite Solutions

New cellulite solutions for Katies include 8 weeks of strength training 3x a week using a sequence that specifically targets areas where you’ve got cellulite. Here’s a leg series:

1. Cardio Warm up: kicks, ham curls, knee lifts

2. Strength:

3.Roll the muscles

4.Stretch the muscles

While you’re changing your exercise you want to make a few changes in the kitchen.

Minute Made Meals

A few simple tricks can buff your diet so you’ve got the right fuel going in -to beat fatigue- and to help with new cellulite solutions you’re adding to your exercise.


Fatigue can squelch motivation. Resolving the cause of fatigue is the first step. Then knowing that the steps you take are linked to the outcome you want is key. It’s hard to be motivated if you don’t have confidence in the plan.

The Key Flip of the Day:

Commit to a small step that makes you feel successful as you go toward bigger goals. When you see and feel progress, motivation increases.

Ready to Flip 50 right now?

Join the Flipping 50 CAFÉ and get the inside scoop on recent cellulite research Commit to the days and times you’re going to do what serves your goals. Then report! Once a week we’ll check in on how you’re doing! First 10 Flipping 50 TV viewers will also get The Bone Health mini course free too! Just check out and then send me your receipt.

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Yes, there is something you can do about cellulite. Yes, it’s non-invasive and really requires a lot of things you’re probably already doing to take good care of yourself. Add a few small tweaks and you’re going to see more tone and less cellulite. 

mim-book-product-imageMake sure to get your copy of my Muscles in Minutes guide full of 20 exercises and over 40 images to help you set up, see your form, and do the exercises right for best results. Click here to get free it now.  Just submit your biggest challenge or question to me at Flipping50tv.com.

Here’s the 4-Step Strategy I demonstrated for upper arm and hip cellulite on this episode.

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength Train
  3. Roll
  4. Stretch

Think of it as ironing out the cellulite. You really want firm pressure as you roll. It’s not a comfortable massage.

The resource mentioned:

The Stick

Foam rollers you can find at most sporting goods stores as well as discount stores.

Take before and after pictures! Track your consistent 4-Step adherence. If you do this consistently for 8 weeks you will see change. show-7

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