Midlife and Swinging For the Fence

Are you swinging for the fence, or just bunting? Midlife AND… an autoimmune diagnosis that might have made someone else fold their tent and go home. But not today’s guest. In fact, she turned it around and leveraged it instead. 

You may say it fuels what she does. 

It’s easy to think you’re on the downhill slide.You’re enjoying an easier life, an empty nest, a little more disposable income. But are you really passionate about your daily life? Are you looking forward to things on your calendar both near and far off? Do you have goals that make you both a little nervous and excited? 

For the past 20 years of my 40 year career I’ve been serving as a coach for many of my clients in addition to supporting the wellness and fitness goals they have. I was 18 years into my career juggling exercise psychology with physiology but there was often more. We humans can sometimes put up obstacles to getting the things we say we want, as a way of self-preservation. We protect ourselves from the risk of change. And there we stay stuck unless someone like a coach calls BS for you. 

I think you’ll agree today’s guest shares and lives much of this is her everyday actions. 

My Guest:  

Christine Conti believes in the “YES. YOU CAN” mindset. Christine is an international fitness educator chronic disease wellness specialist, and the recipient of the IDEA World 2023 Fitness Professional of the Year. She is the CEO of CONTI: a woman-owned enterprise that offers keynote speaking, chronic disease wellness, mindset coaching and continuing education for fitness professionals, schools and private companies. Christine is also a best-selling author, podcast host, co-founder of REINVENTING THE WOMAN INTERNATIONAL, a 3x IRONMAN and a guide for Special Olympic athletes. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis at age thirty, this former investment banker and English teacher is determined to show the world that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • You’re a woman in midlife, you’ve had some health obstacles but leveraged them and turned them into assets, and you’re doing some “big reach” things, talk about that!
  • Why do you believe most people are unable to face their fears?
  • What are some words or advice that you live by?
  • How do you juggle “all the things?”

Reflect: Are you swinging for the fence or playing it safe?


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