Do I Need Supplements in Menopause | Muscles, Energy and Immunity

Yes, supplements in menopause will influence your ability to get and keep muscles. They’ll support your immune system. They’ll influence your overall energy levels today and the way you age.

You can eat “healthy” every day of the year, but we all slip sometimes. We can’t eat 21-27,000 calories it would take a day in the healthiest diets to reach even the RDAs. That number is far too low for optimal health, it simply helps you avoid disease.

Yes, aging can impact your micronutrient sufficiency.

Questions I answer about Supplements in Menopause in this episode:

  • Are you able to eat your micronutrient needs?
  • Are you absorbing all of them? (leaky gut, stress, competing ingredients, conditions, food sensitivities preventing you from absorbing 100%)
  • What daily activities deplete what you eat? (exercise, over the counter and Rx)

An example of Rx depleting actions:

CoQ10 for instance, if you’re on statins, is something to look at.

The best way to know if you need supplements for more energy and optimal life – or confirm which ones and how much is beneficial – is to test. Then go over that test results with someone like me who is tuned into the difference between optimal and normal ranges.

Understanding Your Tests

Normal ranges include an average of a lot of people who don’t feel very good. Optimal ranges let you know levels of someone who thrives with high energy, and a strong immune system. As a health and hormone coach I don’t prescribe or diagnose. I educate you on the results, what they mean and discuss changes you might want to consider. Together we put together a plan for doing that.

Tests Support Your Compliance

Never once in 37 years has any client said, “Debra, I just love taking my supplements.” Testing is often the kick you and I both need for compliance with what we said we wanted to do. When you see the numbers, you’re not shooting blanks.

Suggestions for change are based on getting you to your optimal range. The knowledge you’re going to test again in 6 weeks is so very helpful for staying the course.

Reading an article, watching a video suggesting that iron or Vitamin D or B12 is what you need for low energy, then running to Amazon thinking you need supplements for more energy according to no specific numbers doesn’t work very well. There are a lot of factors to consider.

Partner with Someone Who Can Help

Work with a coach on the project of you to consider whether you need supplements or what to do about it makes it a strategy that is sequential, time-sensitive, and gets better results.

Start with a test. Go over them with a professional who’s tuned into functionally optimal levels, decide which changes you want to make, test again.

I’ll link to the self-directed labs I use personally and share with my clients for testing themselves and also will go over these results with them.

It’s important to consider what you’re referring to as supplements. Is this just your vitamins and minerals? Is it protein supplementation from protein shakes? Is it amino acids to supplement low protein diet or plant-based protein diet? Is it hormone supplementation or adaptogens? All might be considered beneficial supplements in menopause.

Top supplements in menopause recommended by OBGYNs:

  • An intelligent multivitamin
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotic
  • Digestive enzyme

If you’re not currently taking any or doing so consistently/randomly, it’s a perfect time to test need for supplements for energy, optimal aging, muscle tone, sleep and IMMUNITY.

Your hormones, digestion, skin, as well as your muscle and body composition are dependent on micronutrient sufficiency. Your gut health or protein may also need a boost. So, these shouldn’t be ignored as you look for a best workout.

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Supplements in Menopause (and every age) are important. Learn more from the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women course about which, why, how they help and how to test.

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Fasting, Exercise, and Menopause

Note: As a Medical Exercise Specialist and Health Coach I do not diagnose or treat. The information here should never replace or substitute for that of your medical professional. I support you in considerations and making informed decisions about what you want to ask, try, and follow through with.

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