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Promotion Window:
April 8 –
May 5, 2024
Event Live: May 6 – 11
Complimentary KickOff Q and A:  May 1 (speakers invited to say hello!)


Subject: Get a Head Start on Smarter Midlife Fitness 🌟
Unlock Early Access to What When & Why to Exercise

Dear [Name],

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you approach exercise and wellness after 40? Register early for the What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+ summit and gain exclusive early access to two groundbreaking talks plus special content crafted just for you.

This groundbreaking online event is hosted by Debra Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Flipping 50™. Flipping 50™ is the home of the first and only exclusively made-for-menopause fitness membership in the world. Since 2013, Debra, now a fitness professional for 40 yrs, has combined the science of menopause with the science of exercise and aging to provide hormone-balancing forward exercise programming for private clients and thousands of members.

When what you used to do doesn’t work anymore, and weight continues to creep up, or belly fat is an issue, even while exercising or doing “all the things,” Debra solves those problems. Improvements in lean muscle and body composition, energy gains (not drains and injury risk from typical programs) and reversing bone loss are hallmarks of Flipping 50™.

Now’s your chance to get a back-stage pass to her May event!! Early registration is open! It all happens May 6-11.

Why Register Now?
– Exclusive Early Access to talks from JJ Virgin and Dr. Felice Gersh.
– Special Content that’s only available for early registrants.
– Be the First to discover the latest in menopause and fitness science.
– Access to a CORE workout training designed for midlife women

A Few Featured Speakers & Topics:
– JJ Virgin: Navigating Nutrition & Fitness in Menopause
– Ellen Langer: Most of Aging is NOT Biological!
– Robbie Stahl: Injury-Free Fitness – 2 Moves You Might Be Doing Wrong
– Dr. Alan Christianson: Nurture Your Thyroid with Exercise Choices
… and so many more sharing juicy content like this:
– The APP the FAT LOSS Expert uses (so you can too)
– 7 Hormones Key in Midlife Exercise Choices
– Why you’ll never find peace with weight in a body you’re at war with
– When exercise ISN’T the right first choice for health and hormone balance
– Bone density facts you didn’t know
– Why establishing habits is not the goal (what we’ve gotten wrong)

Don’t miss this chance to pave your way to a vibrant, fit, and hormonally balanced life.

Solve some of the problems that may have begun in midlife or because of menopause, or that you’ve been attempting to resolve for decades.

If you attended this last year, this is all-new content, every interview fresh with new insight, science, and mostly new experts as well as experts in our space who are the G.O.A.T. you love to hear from.

See you on the flip side,
[Your Name]

P.S. Bring a friend! Surround yourself with minds that want to optimize aging and breakout of the “norm” around us.

Subject: Early Access Invitation: Transform Your Approach to Fitness 🌿
Aging well starts with menopause fitness

Dear [Name],

As a woman who values intelligence, sharp insights, and science-backed exercise facts, I have a special invitation for you! I’m offering you an exclusive early registration perk for an upcoming summit.
Look, we ALL need to exercise. We need to find the exercise that meets our physical, mental and time needs right now. Exercise is the most accessible form of anti- or pro-aging medicine in the world.
But the problem is, it’s confusing and conflicting. You’re hearing conflicting advice. You have lingering beliefs based on what you learned decades ago. You had a routine that you used to do and wonder if you should just get back to that.

You’re wondering why you get hurt just when you get started, or why you’re feeling tired all the time when exercise should give you energy.

This event will solve those and dozens of other questions you don’t yet know to ask.

Debra Atkinson, Founder of Flipping50™ and a 40-yr Medical Exercise Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and former Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, is hosting the What, When & Why to Exercise for Women 40+. This “2.0” event features a perfect mix of new speakers/researchers and the G.O.A.T. experts to bring you the combined science of exercise, menopause and aging.

Early Registration Benefits:

– 🌟 **Early Talks Preview** JJ Virgin and Felice Gersh
– 💡 **Unique Content** only for those who register now.
– A Core Workout designed for midlife and beyond to use right now

Maddy Dychtwald on aging gracefully.

Speakers & Insights You Can’t Miss:
– Dr. Felice Gersh: “Fitness is a Vital Sign”
– Dr. Alan Christianson: Simplifying Thyroid’s Role in Health
– Robbie Stahl: Must-Know Techniques for Safe Exercise
– Maddy Dychtwald: How to live 10 years longer (without lifting a finger)

Secure your spot and ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge to exercise right, prevent injury, and achieve hormone balance.
The event is May 6 – 11, but remember you can access early content right now!
See you on the flip side,
[Your Name]

Subject: Halfway There: Are You In? 🕒
Before, during and after midlife EXERCISE for BEST results!

Dear [Name],

As we reach the midpoint of our registration period for the “What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+” summit, here’s a gentle reminder not to miss out on this opportunity to redefine your fitness and wellness journey.
Debra Atkinson, Founder of Flipping 50™ and host of the AARP-recognized top podcast for 50+ is hosting this event rich with daily exercise sessions (literal movement workshops to DO not just watch), and 30 speakers offering insight about how to optimize not only your menopause but your second half of life.

Exercise is Medicine™. It’s free and easily accessible. But the problem is the dose and timing matters more at midlife than it ever has before. Getting it right may be the difference between gaining lean muscle and maintaining strength and frailty & fails in a few short years.

You can enjoy energy and vitality now and later. Look around you. You see it. There are those doing it. Surround yourself with them and the experts with answers in this FREE and convenient online event.

Look, a lot of summits provide a piece of exercise advice. This 6-day event is ALL about the how and why of exercise for this mid-life moment you’re in and the decades that are influenced after it. Making your choices optimally now makes the road ahead full of choices you’ll love making.

What’s Waiting for You When you Register:
– Insights on Why Losing Weight Will Cause Fail You
– Secrets to Overcoming Midlife Belly Fat
– Understanding Midlife Blood Sugar and Its Impact

Featured Powerhouses:
– JJ Virgin: Decoding Nutrition for Menopause
– Dr. Felice Gersh: Hormones & Exercise Simplified
– Bill Campbell, PhD: Fat Loss Expert Tips

– Kim Vopni: The Vagina Coach

– Dr Anthony Youn: Sweat, Sun, and Sagging Skin Solutions

Join a community of women ready to change the way menopause influences aging.
You are the generation who will change what is “accepted” as science right now.

See you there!
[Your Name]

Subject: Join the Revolution in Women’s Fitness & Health 🚀
Dear [Name
It’s time to make a pivotal change in your approach to fitness and wellness after 40. The What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+: Older, Stronger, Bolder, is your ticket to a life where aging means getting better, not just older.
It’s your ticket to a front row seat as we – right now – change the impact of midlife hormones on muscle, bone and brain health.
Research and studies about aging and menopause are dangerous.
Unless you know to ask… is this true even for women who strength train and honor hormone changes… you’re only getting history.
You and I can change it. Applying science about menopause, exercise, and aging that shows a different strategy than historically was used, means we can change the way we age.
Register right now for this event! Challenge everything you thought you knew about exercise.
Why Join Us Now:
– Strategies to Prevent Injury and Enhancing Wellness
– Expert Advice on Lab Testing for Optimizing Exercise & Aging
– Insight on Why Belly Fat is So Easy to Gain and Hard to Lose and what to do

Must See Speakers Like:
– Ellen Langer: The Power of Mindfulness in Aging
– Robbie Stahl: Building a Foundation for Injury-Free Fitness
– Maddy Dychtwald: Redefining Aging with Grace and Strength

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to thrive. Let’s make the rest of your life the best of your life together.

See you there!
[Your Name]

Subject: Final Call: Determine Your Exercise Longevity Strategy ⏰
Preview: Are you exercising for the most powerful result?
Dear [Name],

The clock is ticking, and your opportunity to join the “What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+”summit is closing fast. This is your last chance to access a wealth of knowledge that could dramatically shift how you feel and function in the years to come.

Why Every Move and Workout Matters More:
– Avoid the pitfalls of Exercising Wrong and risking injury or sabotaging bone health
– Learn the keys to Supporting Balanced Hormones with food, exercise, and more
– Discover why so many women get Tired Instead of Energized by their routines.
– Stop muscle losses that occur with age if you let them.
– Reverse bone loss with the right type of exercise.

Speakers that Will Absolutely Inspire:
– Dr. Pamela Peeke: AARP and Discovery Channel Contributor, Author of Fight Fat After Forty and Fit for Life for Women
– Dr. Alan Christianson: Navigating Thyroid Hashimoto’s 101
– JJ Virgin: What’s Possible with a Muscle & Protein Focus even with life disruptors

Missing out means missing a chance to redefine aging on your terms. Don’t let this moment pass you by.
Every day you join us, your exercise and activity gets an upgrade with expert tips whether you want to gain muscle, loss fat, gain strength, or shift to looking forward to and loving life again.

See you inside!
[Your Name]

Subject: Urgent: Your Path to Optimal Aging through Exercise Closes Soon 🚨
What if just one tip was all you needed?
Dear [Name],

This is it – your final reminder that registration for the What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+summit is about to close. If you’re still on the fence, consider what’s at stake: the chance to exercise smarter, balance your hormones, and embrace aging with confidence and grace.

What You’ll Lose by Not Registering:
– Science-Backed Exercise Facts for optimal results.
– Strategies to Avoid Injury and hormone imbalance.
– Insights on Exercising for Energy rather than exhaustion.

Last Call for these MUST-SEE Speakers:
– Dr. Pamela Peeke: Bestselling author, globally-known medical fitness expert
– Ellen Langer: Harvard’s Mother of Mindfulness
– Robbie Stahl: The Fitness Doctor
– Dr Anna Cabeca: How to Prepare for your Naughty 90s
– Dr. Felice Gersh: Pioneer in Women’s Hormones on Fasting

Don’t let fear of missing out become a reality. Secure your spot and join us on a journey to making the rest of your life the best of your life.

I’ll see you there!
[Your Name]


Here’s a series of social media post teasers for the “What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+”

If you are a Speaker, be sure to add I’m a speaker at the summit to ANY of these to spread the excitement that you’re joining us to share your expertise! 

[Add your affiliate link to each post! Personalize with your special sauce in your voice!]

Any of these posts can be used for IG or FB, or Share on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Speakers, add that you’re speaking! During early registration period – use urgency of bonuses. During the last week create a sense of urgency with “it’s almost too late”, or “last chance.”

Ever wondered why your exercise routine just isn’t cutting it anymore? 🤔💪 Join us at the ‘What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+’ summit to uncover surprising truths about exercise, menopause, and longevity. Your path to feeling and looking amazing starts here! Save your spot!!
#WomenInFitness #MenopauseJourney

Is it your hormones, or is your mindset holding you back from your fitness goals? 🧠💖 Dive deep into the psychology AND physiology of menopause and exercise with our world-class speakers at the upcoming summit. Let’s redefine aging together! Save Your Spot Now!
#EmpowermentThroughExercise #HealthyAging”

Think menopause and aging slow you down? Think again! 🌟 This summit will reshape your expectations and show you why – and how – the best years are still ahead. Psst… you may not need a bucket list after this. Save your spot right now.
#OptimalAging #MenopauseFitness”

Daily movement workshops, and insights from bestselling authors and pioneers in womens, health, fitness and medicine. 📚💃 Don’t miss out on transforming the rest of your life into the best of your life.
Register now for the summit! Bring a friend.
#FitnessTransformation #AgingGracefully #ActiveAging #MenopauseFitness #FitAfter40

Want to add 10 years to your life without lifting a finger? 🕒 Join our summit to learn the secret, plus get actionable advice on how to harness the power of muscle as your natural hormone therapy. How you menopause impacts your longevity. Before during and after menopause secrets waiting here:
#LongevitySecrets #MuscleMagic

From Bill Campbell PhD, Pamela Peek, JJ Virgin to Ellen Langer, meet the groundbreaking pioneers shaking up everything we know about aging, fitness, and hormone health at our summit. 🌈✨ Your journey to a more vibrant life is just a click – or a thought away!
#InfluentialWomen #FitnessPioneers

Whether you’re seeking a better path for yourself, aiming to influence the next generation, or you are coaching other women in midlife, our summit covers both the physical and the emotional aspects of aging well. 💪❤️ SAVE YOUR SPOT!!
#WomenSupportingWomen #NextGenHealth #MenopauseFitness

Gain muscle, lose fat, master push-ups, understand your thyroid, and tackle belly fat – we’ve got it all! Join the free summit for must-know techniques and insights. 🏋️‍♀️🔬 Made for Midlife Women. SAVE YOUR SPOT:
#ExerciseScience #MenopauseWellness #ScienceinAction

“Quotes to live by: ‘So much of aging is not biological,’ ‘Muscle is the currency of aging,’ and ‘At war with your body? It’s hard to find peace with your weight.’ Get inspired at our summit. 💬🌿 #InspirationalQuotes #FitnessMotivation”

Zone training, blood sugar control, and the secrets to overcoming midlife weight challenges – it’s all happening at our summit. Don’t miss these lifespan and quality-of-life changing talks! Save Your Spot here (or link in bio)
🏃‍♀️🍏 #HealthyLifestyle #MidlifeFitness”

Have you ever felt like you’re putting in the effort but not seeing the results you want from your fitness routine? You’re not alone. Many women over 40 experience this, and it’s not your fault.
Join us for the ‘What, When and Why to Exercise for Women 40+’ summit, where we’ll uncover the surprising truths behind why exercise might not be working for you right now. This event is your first step towards a fitness routine that fits your body’s needs. And …. A few tips about how to change your biological age without breaking a sweat.

Share with us in the comments: What’s one fitness myth you’ve believed but now question?

#BreakingFitnessMyths #WomenOver40 #MidlifeWomen #MidlifeFitness

It’s easy to blame hormones or mindset for fitness plateaus, but what if there’s more to the story? Our upcoming summit features speakers like Pamela Peeke, JJ Virgin and Ellen Langer, who will dive into the psychology of aging + physiology of menopause combined with the science of exercise to guide you towards optimal health.

We’re excited to create a space for learning, growth, and transformation. What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask about menopause and fitness? Drop it below, and let’s start the conversation! Save Your Spot here:

#MenopauseWellness #MindsetMatters #MidlifeWomen

Get the 411 on before, during and long after menopause for the best in health and longevity!
We’re on a mission to change how women view aging and menopause. This summit isn’t just about exercise; it’s about understanding your body and finding joy in movement at any stage of life.
With daily movement workshops, and insights from groundbreaking thought leaders, we’re here to support you in making the rest of your life the best of your life. If you could answer one question that would help you feel incredible, what would it be?

Let’s share and inspire each other in the comments! SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW:

#AgingGracefully #MenopauseSupport #YouStillGotItGirl #HotNotBothered



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