10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Reduce Anxiety Now Part 5

Never before in history has there been so many cases of anxiety as right now. This episode is all about how to reduce anxiety now. Women are more susceptible than men.

Imagine a situation when you experienced anxiety. For many people that would be maybe a public speaking experience, or a presentation with an outcome riding on it. Maybe it was a relationship conflict that resulted in confrontation. Driving in significant traffic can bring on anxiety. Try to put yourself in the place where you experienced anxiety.

Change your word association with the feeling you have right now.

Go from “I’m nervous” to “I’m excited.”

The difference is significant in effect on your energy. Even changing the internal message you have can reduce anxiety now.

Notice where anxiety started. (Even as you imagine this and you’re not actually in the moment you can do this).

Christy discusses how to reduce anxiety now with:

  • Breath work
  • Recalling that superhero power
  • Catching it so that it can’t build up

Conscious breathing can impact the physical body and the brain both to reduce anxiety now. Natural reactions to the state of anxiety are tension and shallow breathing. Catch yourself doing in and use your breath to oxygenate the body fully with deep breathing, slow conscious inhales, a slight hold, and a steady exhale. You can fill the lower lobes of your lungs this way which provides more oxygen both to your brain and to the extremities so that you can relax. 

Christy has additional information about how to reduce anxiety now with practices you can use:

  • Morning routine
  • Every hour
  • Nighttime

So that in 21 days it will be gone.

If you’ve tried the breathing exercise, drop a comment in the show notes and let us know if you felt an immediate difference.

On the next episode in this series: more reasons why water really is the easiest, most economical health practice

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at [email protected] to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.


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