10 Easy Steps to More Energy | How to stop energy sucking habits

Stop your energy sucking habits for a fast track to more energy. While it’s easy to dwell on how to get more energy, some could be just waiting for you when you release the habits that rob you of energy that’s rightfully yours. We’re creatures of habit and we’re easily attracted to instant gratification that soothes us that can often backfire. Today we talk about how to stop energy sucking habits in a way that can both give you instant soothing and energy, andsustainable energy.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to become aware of both what you’re doing and not doing
  • Become aware of the thing and stop
  • Tap into your energy and assess how you feel
  • Assess a different way to do it
  • Find what you want: think it and see it
  • Get into your superhero pose

In doing this exercise to stop energy sucking habits you create a different chemical composition in your brain. Part of the reason you can get stuck in a cycle of negative habits is the brain chemistry you currently have is causing you to default.

If you’ve ever been injured or needed a physical therapist, you generally have to retrain your brain so your body will move differently. You’ve had a faulty pattern of movement that caused injury or you may find a faulty pattern due to pain. You have physical therapy so you can create a new pattern.

Mentally changing the way you work is possible too. That’s what you’re doing in order to leave an old negative habit behind you and adopt a new positive health habit instead. When you change the way you feel about a habit, you’ll stop energy sucking habits.

Try to substitute a positive behavior for a negative habit you may be trying to stop. Don’t allow a void. For instance, if you know dairy probably doesn’t agree with you but you continue to have creamer every day in your coffee, don’t just stop the creamer add coconut milk or cream instead. If you’re trying to quit coffee, try tea instead.

Tie a new habit to an existing one. If you’re trying to floss the obvious time is after you brush. If you’re trying to more consistently do core exercise, at the end of every walk or before every shower do a minute or two of core.

Coming up in the next episode:how to reduce your anxiety right now, and a simple practice to start today.

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