10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Retrain your brain for energy Part 2

If you can retrain your brain to think differently, you can feel differently, instantly. Christy Mattoon, Mindrewire expert, is sharing tips not only for more energy in part two of the summer energy series, but for better health habit adoption and dumping default habits just because they’ve been a pattern for so long. Change is hard. However, Christy’s solutions today may help you approach change easier than ever.

In today’s Flipping 50 summer energy series episode:

  • What it a whole brain state
  • Why it is so effective in healing, removing stress, and treating trauma
  • How can you (physically) exercise to feel a whole brain difference

In this episode of the summer energy series we cover:

  • How can you retrain your brain for energy
  • Why it’s not just the brain
  • We’ve had the focus in the wrong area
  • The Gut and Energy
  • Production of neurons
  • Gut health promotes brain health
  • Best way to train the brain is to clean out the gut

Spoiler alert!This is the exercise for getting into whole brain state. (You may recognize these techniques in your exercise classes – good warm ups use these techniques- or from yoga poses- or from exercises you may have been taught as a speaker or actor to do prior to going on stage. You’re always “on” too, so they can help you retrain your brain and they require no additional effort or true exercise to do.

Resource Christy mentioned:

Rob Williams video Psychology of Change

Pay attention to these two bullets:

  • Perception defines behavior.
  • Perception defines genes.

You’ve got homework!In the notes for this show add your “What you want statement.” You’ve got to identify it, instead of focusing on what you don’t want in order to attract it. This is going to be important tomorrow!

Coming in part three tomorrow:Your energy is higher, you’re feeling good- what more could you do to sustain or elevate your energy levels? Is there anything to the practice of affirmations?

Link to episode 1 of the summer energy series:

Instant Energy

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at [email protected] to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.


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