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I frequently do this on my podcast, and often will include FAQs in the back of the website. This, however, is a first! So include your own question at the bottom for next time if you’d like something addressed that hasn’t been yet.


In a recent newsletter about Fish Oil you wrote that several studies were finding fish oil helps reduce inflammation and has been connecting to preserving muscle tissue and strength in older adults. That makes sense, but I’m allergic to fish and fish oils. Is there something else I can take?


It sounds like you’ve got no choice. So, while there are specific Omega 3s in Fish and Fish Oils that are not the same as those in plant based products, you need to avoid health issues first. So do include avocados, flax, chia seeds, for their omega 3 support on a regular basis.

If you’re a vegetarian who does eat fish (not this reader whose asking the question), the best way to get your Omega 3s is by eating 3 servings of fatty fishes a week. Second best? Supplement form.


Isn’t excess protein stored as fat? Or hard on your kidneys?


Definitely, excess anything is just either eliminated(as in non-toxic vitamins or minerals) or stored (as in macronutrients like fat, protein, carbs). What research is unraveling now is the what is recommended, what is a daily minimum, and what is excess. The answers seem to have protein experts revealing that the current government standards are too low for optimal health and only bare minimums to avoid disease.

That’s a difference between thriving and surviving. So in answer to your question, yes. And have we discovered what “excess” is yet? Not with certainty. We do know that 25-30 grams looked like the most humans could handle and process per meal. For older adults – especially those more frail and or sedentary because they process less optimally, research (Obesity, 2015 is just one recent study) is suggesting higher numbers may be better.

If you do have compromised renal function (often true of diabetics) or are taking medication, you should seek advice of a physician before changing your diet dramatically.

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