Could your argument at breakfast sabotage fitness benefits? Could the project you have due at work disrupt your training progress? Even if you exercise to get rid of stress… could your lack of progress be about stress?

Yes. And more.

Just about everything you’re exposed to that your body has to “deal” with could negatively affect your fitness.

So even the exercise itself, if you don’t adjust a good progressive plan when you have stress you hadn’t planned on, is part of the problem.

Say you’re a midlife woman with a high stress job in a fast-paced business and a parent suddenly needs extra care. That plan to run a 10K with a friend could suffer.

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How (and What) Kinds of Stress Can Sabotage Fitness

What if you’re just in midlife and hot flashes, night sweats and sudden unexplained weight gain plague you? The very exercise you’re doing to try to take off the weight is potentially keeping it right there, stubbornly refusing to move.

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Stress Effects

Stress causes cortisol spikes. When this happens your body is on alert that you’re threatened. This fight-or-flight time makes it more likely to store fat for you so if you need it later for energy you’ve got it. Even though you may feel like exercise is a stress relief for you too much of a good thing when so much else is going on is not going to have a positive impact.

Stress from multiple sources accumulates to create the same problems. Understand where stress comes from, how to deal with it, and what role exercise type and timing plays in either accelerating or halting results for better fitness right now.

To clarify the integrated effects of stress and the other 6 limbs that together determine fitness I created my signature course, the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women. Leading up to Labor Day 2019 I’m celebrating thee anniversary of this signature course!

The course includes:

  • 8 modules
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  • weekly emails to keep you on track (you can save to review later if you decide to go through the course in an order that’s more strategic for you)
  • the Flipping 50 bone health mini course (value $49)
  • a special Adrenal Fatigue master class (understanding HPA axis dysfunction)
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  • 3 strength training plans(one for different schedule needs) so that you’ve got a layout based on 7, or 9 days that includes intervals, strength and rest that is the glue to making results stick
  • A special master class on Fasting & Exercise After 50: Fit or Not Fit? So you can see if it sounds right for you and how hormone balance status plays into your decision
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Indeed, stress can sabotage fitness. But it doesn’t have to: knowing when to adjust and how to adjust during times of stress can lead to your best fitness ever.

During one of the absolute most stressful times of my life I learned and lived this by accident. Ironically, I was researching hormonal influence on midlife women’s fitness at the time. Yet, I didn’t fully identify what I was doing. I was a living walking, talking experiment. My own life was literally “flipping” upside down.

From safe, secure assets, no debt, very comfortable upper middle class status and all the things… TIAA Cref fund, insurance, flexible hours, beautiful house, car, work I loved and some awesome extra benefits I gave it up and quit my job. By the end of the year I’d pawned jewelry to pay for Facebook ads, seen a therapist, prepared my home for sale instead of preparing for Christmas, then moved soon after two states away with a big dog and what could fit inside my car. I got by with clothes in a couple suitcases, computers, a bike, and blender in the basement bedroom of my niece’s home. Granted, nice home, but none of this is what you see for yourself at 49. Tears came pretty easy for over a year when I wasn’t gripped with fear.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Positive or Negative

Stress can sabotage fitness. But it doesn’t have to – it can also be your strategic partner for finding strength you didn’t know you had. Once you know how to integrate all the areas of your life into a plan you can thrive not just survive in some of those tough times. No one chooses to have that kind of growth but it is life changing in a way smooth sailing will never be. How it impacts you and the person you will be is up to you.

By the time you’re in midlife, if you’re reading this, you’ve gone through some of those times. You’ve had losses and disappointments. You’ve have heartache. We’ve each got a history.

Those things lead us somewhere. My hope for myself and for you is that it’s to a place with more wisdom and more gratitude for what is good and awareness of what is important. And what’s simply not that you can so much more easily let go of after. Some people, events of the past, and drama simply have no strings and no place.

Stress can sabotage fitness or be a catalyst to a life of improved fitness and resilience in every area. We don’t get the physical benefits without the mental and emotional components.

You can learn to use stress in your decision making for exercise choices. Nutrition changes and other small daily habit “flips” can enhance optimal hormone balance naturally.

You may be thinking you want better results losing weight, or tackling hormone-related belly fat, and learning more about stress influence can help that. The benefit can be far bigger, however, than the ability to feel better in your jeans again.

What could you do with…

Double the Energy?

Learn how to stress less, but double your energy, all in just 14 days…

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