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Please check it out at Amazon!

You can get incredible pricing on this book at Amazon (and we can not compete with their amazing prices and speedy delivery).


A pick-up-put-down book that let’s you absorb a daily tip (flip) in minutes that can change your energy completely. Every single 99 flips in the book are based on research featuring women in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause. So you know it’s for and about YOU.

If you’re not willing to settle, ready to make a few changes, if you only had a voice you could trust talking about problems and solutions relative to YOU? This is for you.


You can get incredible pricing on this book at Amazon (and we can not compete with their amazing prices and speedy delivery).

So, please check it out at Amazon!




Peek inside:

Despite what you may have heard, there is no substantive proof that weight gain, fatigue, or belly fat are mandatory parts of menopause and the second half of life.

An excerpt of my writing attitude from “How to Use this Book”

You can pick up Hot Not Bothered (HNB) and ?skip to the middle of the book or read it front-to-back. We’ve already got too many people telling us how to behave, dress, or cut our hair after 50, so I’ll leave this up to you.

“Flips” are the Flipping 50 way of changing a habit that is sab- otaging you, or adding one you’re not doing yet, with one that makes you look (and feel) 100% you. They are about changing the message you send yourself. They are about raising your expectations. They aren’t about diet deprivation, the scale, or extreme exercise, or superficial beauty or flat abs tips.

One hint I share with all Flipping 50 clients and students is that if you get your “first two” right the other 22 tend to go much better. So if you’re overwhelmed, focus on the flips in the front of the book.

Establish a HNB routine in the morning and you’ll set yourself up for all day success. You’ll have more energy, a better mood, more productivity, and you won’t have to rely on willpower. You’ll be full, satisfied, and have feel-good hormones rushing through your veins.

Flip #78 Question Everything

It’s not my favorite but it’s one of the most important flips in the book. A mere 39% of all sport and exercise medicine research features women. A fraction of that features women in midlife and older. You have unique hormones, body composition, metabolism, and socialization needs.

Until now it’s been too easy to aim at the wrong target if you have been exercising.

Inside you’ll find filtered studies and information that applies to YOU.

Whether you’re going to Zumba, lift, swim, or you run, make sure you’re running toward fitness in the right direction.

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