2021 Health Coaching Fitness Business – Masterclass Series


Do you wish you could reach your ideal clients and customers easier and effortlessly? What if I told you it could be fun? Not just the creating-programs-part most of us love, but the selling. That’s right, selling can be fun. When you know how to create relationships, identify what customers need and wrap it in a package they want, you don’t just have a new client for a few sessions you have them for life.

If you need help:

  • Being seen by the clients you most want to work with
  • Finding your unique voice so you stand out instead of blending in
  • Creating systems for your social, your emails, your program promotions
  • Creating an offer that is irresistible and pays you what you’re worth
  • Making your website profitable instead of just pretty
  • So you don’t have that “that should be me” feeling when you see someone else doing it!

Then you should be here.

Step-by-step in 2021 you’re going to build your business and the systems that help you stay on track. This isn’t information by firehose. This is once monthly masterclasses and the worksheets and Facebook group to keep you moving forward. I’ll teach you how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made over 37-years and how I’ve built a very comfortable revenue in the last 7 in a brand new niche that is one of the hottest existing.

No matter what your niche is, there are key steps to marketing. The world needs you.

Schedule of Master Classes (you’ll have an all-access pass to past and bonus recordings + handouts)

Jan – Feb: Bonus 5 Day Challenge !! Kicks us off! Save, Sell, and Scale right now (get in now so you don’t miss it!)
Mar – Apr: Grow your Reach, Influence, Build Your Brand, and Amplify it
May – June: Legal and Tax Implications You Need to Know and Implement
July – Aug: Create Content & Promotion Publishing calendar
Sept- Oct: Evaluate and Project: Your Year Plan

STOP! If you are wondering if you can afford it!

What does someone who has spent 20 years of their life working on perfecting their craft cost?

Top physician = $400/hour
Top attorney = $500/hour+
Top scientist = $300/hour+

So $497 for 10 live kickass webinars Рwith someone who has a 37-year full time track record for success Рthat are going to improve your business is just a little more than I charge for business consultations by the hour.

You can sell a small package and recoup your investment in a day.

The question to ask is not whether you can afford it, but whether you can afford not to do it.


Q: What if I can’t make it live or I’m joining late, can I still see all the content?

A: Yes, you have an all-access pass to the 10 masterclasses in 2021, plus bonus masterclasses (5-day bootcamp)

Q: Is there coaching between sessions?

A: You’ll be able to join the Facebook group along with gold and elite members (doing the course and/or full mastermind) where you can ask questions. Your masterclass option does not include live hot seat coaching or web & social media audits. (to learn more about those options reach support@flippingfifty.com)

Q: How long will I have access to these recordings?

A: You’ll have lifetime access to your course recordings page. You’ll be eligible for the Facebook group during the 10 month period Jan-October 2021.

Q: What if I begin the Master Classes option and want to upgrade to either private business coaching or the 10-month mastermind?

A: That is an option. Reach out to support@flippingfifty.com for details or a quick call about which is best for your business.

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