Z – 6 Month Private Coaching – Multi-Payment Option

$833.33 / month for 3 month

Get personal and private support. You’re not a group person, you want to move forward fast, have a unique situation and want coaching around it. Food, exercise, stress, and habits. A deep-dive intake process kicks it off.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you want to reduce bloating, gas, or extra inches?

Or maybe you wish someone would plan your exercise program and eliminate guesswork so you knew what you were doing was the right thing for you right now. Private coaching includes your weekly activity plan.

If you want support with the quality and quantity and timing of food you eat, without a rigid menu so that you can learn to eat anywhere with confidence there’s no “blowing it” and you’ll feel good about your choices – without deprivation….

You’re in the right place. Private coaching moves at your pace with your life. You’ll focus on nutrition, exercise and four other lifestyle habits that affect your hormone balance and your energy, mood, productivity, and weight.

As a new client you get the royal treatment. Your first session is an extended 60-75 minutes depending on what we need. We uncover everything about what you’re doing, been doing, want and hope to do. We talk about integration of other health care providers, alternative medicine, dietary needs and your preferences. We decide what is the ONE first step that will help most.

The 90 day coaching first step is the minimum commitment. It includes a thorough application and assessment before our first call even begins. 24 30-minute weekly calls are yours to schedule and make sure you get the coaching consistently and frequently during our 6 months.

First step: you’ll discover what your signs and symptoms can tell you about what to focus on first.

Next: you’ll create a step by step plan about what you can eat, what pleasures you need to include, how to make the right choice and why it matters. Exercise gets addressed here. We decide if you’re doing too much, too little, or need a tweak in the type that’s best for you so you’re getting better, not just tired.

Next: stress and sleep work together for or against you. We look at what impact each has, determine a specific routine that works and implement it. Mindset and stress strategies take time and are a target of every call.

If needed the right tests will be suggested and if you’re working with a health care provider, using HRT, or being treated for thyroid, that will be an integrated part of your coaching.

You have to not only want the results: you have to want to do the work to change. If you’re ready, let’s do this!

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