2021 Women’s Retreat | For Women 50+

We missed you in January! If you’d like to be notified of the next retreat (and get exclusive early bird rates) just add your name and best email and we’ll notify you when registration is open!

The next Retreat is coming!

If you’d like to be notified of the next retreat (and get exclusive early bird rates) just add your name and best email and we’ll notify you when registration is open!

  • ​Multi-day focus on what YOU, want, need, are inspired by.​
  • ​Reset your intentions for 2021. Leave calorie counting, steps, meaningless minutes in 2020 and define a big juicy goal.​
  • ​Experience movement that strengthens, challenges, restores range, releases tension that’s more than you might do in a day, but not more for more’s sake.
  • Connect virtually with Debra and the Flipping 50 community.
  • Kick off with a 4pm PST Meet & Greet Wed Jan 6th
  • ​Use Thurs and Fri to complete your self-awareness of symptoms, and your dreamscape for 2021, So you’re ready with questions and to get a meaningful plan by Sunday. (your time)
  • Saturday 7am – 11am PST
  • Sunday 11-1pm PST (optional)
  • ​Handouts/Playbook included in registration.​ (for Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun)
  • ​Regularly $149 for this multi-day event.  ​
  • No refund policy, but you may transfer your attendance if “something suddenly comes up.”
    (Some live sessions may be recorded, but please do not register counting on them. Tech issues happen across platforms and we are not responsible for that.)


A Sneak Peek into Previous Flipping 50 Women’s Retreats

Pre-Event Training 

In the weeks/months leading to the retreat you’ll be given training programs to be sure your exercise is on point for having you ready to enjoy and be comfortably challenged by the weekend’s activity. You’ll be invited to a private messenger group in the last couple weeks prior to ask those last minute logistics questions and virtually “meet” others.

Pre-Weekend Evening

Meet and greet everyone in your group in person for a small cocktail or “mock” tail time often with a twist of a new activity, special guest, or interactive game. You’ll be setting your intentions for the weekend and receive your welcome goody bag full of things you’ll be able to use during the weekend and things you’ll take home too. You can choose to dine with new friends or not but get a good night’s sleep for day 1!

Day 1 Full Day

Day 1 is the most challenging day during the retreat. For instance, the hike will potentially be longer or steeper. After a full day of activities we’ll dine together and enjoy wholesome food at a unique farm-to-table restaurant with Flipping 50-friendly choices. Get a good night’s sleep!

Day 2 Full Day

Today will be full of a variety of shorter physical activities. You may deep dive into technique in a strength training workout, learn or reinforce yoga, core, or pilates exercise. You could enjoy some self massage methods to enhance your recovery. Some “white space” today is for you to use as you wish – including time to journal using prompts you’re given and complete self-assessments. You’ll have time to meet with Debra one-on-one to go over any area you want specific help with. At the end of this day we’ll dine together again and enjoy delicious healthy foods you’ve earned!

Day 3 Half Day 

Day 3 is a half day (unless you reserve additional private time with Debra). You’ll finish with a uniquely active morning and chance to say good bye and reflect on your weekend and put plans in place to continue your momentum once you’re home.

Venues include Boulder, CO. Scottsdale, AZ, and Iowa. Reserve your spot in a future or add your name to the notifications list for the next retreat, potentially with a theme like water exercise, swimming, Mindbody: yoga, Pilates, essential oils, meditation, mindful exercise rejuvenation.

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