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It takes a village. Get access to coaching and support beyond the course or the book.  Membership includes group support via live weekly workouts, live monthly calls, Private Facebook group, and monthly challenges and recipes.

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The Flipping 50 Cafe is the way to join a supportive environment and a regular accountability kick you-know-where. You get access to live monthly coaching calls or webinars, links to the recordings of prior live events to listen at your convenience to the areas that are most challenging for you.

Every Month you get:

Weekly LIVE workouts on the Facebook group private page (that literally address the what to do, how to do it, and provide answers to your tough questions). cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, stretching, while addressing knees/hips/and joint care. I’ll mix it up. Live FB videos live in the group FB library and are accessible when you want them. [They will be downloaded to save and links provided for you in the future].

One Live Never-Before Published Coaching Call/webinar (you can join either by phone or computer; recordings if you can’t attend)

A New Challenge (challenges in all areas – nutrition, ex, stress & warm-up to cool-down video sequences)

New Recipes Release (seasonally themed, for hormonal balance, mood boosting, from rockstar experts in functional health!)

Coupons and Bonus Deals so you can order a one month supply of protein shakes at 40% off*, digital products, and books to support you every day every month as long as you’re a member. (*another big  value of membership)

Constant Convenient Access to a Members-Only area where you have a library of all past months recipes, challenges, webinars, audios, and a Movement Library we’re adding to constantly with how-to videos (safely do exercises), and joint-by-joint care for ankles, knees, hips, shoulders. If you don’t see yet what you need let me know – we’re likely working on it and we’ll makes sure you have what you need.

Private Facebook Group (ask questions, share what’s working, access special resources shared here, 24/7 ability to connect) the place where our LIVE workouts take place.

Office Hours with Debra so that you can call in or chat online when I announce I’m live once or twice each month.

Plus -A Quarterly Featured Guest Expert Interview (expect to hear from a National Best-selling book authors, doctors, and experts)

Plus – A Quarterly SOS Call with Debra so you can get one-on-one coaching on a topic that is personal

Member for a Year Perk: complimentary attendance at the Flipping 50 28 Day Kickstart. A 50% off buddy pass for a friend or yourself for select coaching programs until your year anniversary.

If follow through has been the problem a coach is the way to overcome it. When we set goals without an action plan the intention is not enough. Keeping the actions in front of you regularly with a supportive community of people doing what you’re doing or what you wish you were doing … are what get you positive change… and results.

You’ll have fun. You’ll learn. You’ll get answers (you can send to the Private Facebook Group or Debra and they’ll be answered on the live calls if you can’t attend). You’ll also tell me what you want and I’ll create more of it.

Join Now. Month-to-month. You can cancel at any time  (but why would you?).

Go VIP and add private coaching with Debra. [apply now]

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