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  • Master your metabolism before, during, and after menopause
  • Do convenient workouts to do at home (or gym-friendly too)
  • Enjoy workouts based on YOU (from research!)
  • Have the variety of 12 workouts in a member’s area
  • Have the accountability and FUN that comes with COMMUNITY
  • Get guidance based on 36 years of experience, from a barely boomer, right there with you!

read details below to answer any lingering questions and register NOW for this limited opening time.
(Program dates: October 1 – Dec 29)

STRONGER you. The at-home sequence for better bones, more muscle, energy, strength, and endurance. Start living stronger, longer, now. Get Stronger with safe, sane, simple strength training sessions, in less than 90 minutes a week. (2x 30-40 mins)


Come on in! You get all 12 unique workouts, 12 weeks of accountability and group support targeted to help women just like you. You get access to me inside your private Facebook group so you can get answers to your questions. The open time for this is limited. Do it now.

It’s a great time of the year for fresh starts and new beginnings! So let’s do it together! The next program will start Oct 1 and end Dec 29, 2020.

Finding two times a week to fit in 35 minutes of weight training is doable. I asked all students for input on what they love (and how to make it better). “It’s the habit of two times a week. That’s doable,” says one of my students in the final weeks of her Stronger program.

And another said, “I started doing STRONGER a year ago in the first class you offered. And I haven’t missed a week of doing two strength training workouts since. It’s a game-changer.”

Everything you get… is based on women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. It’s for you by you (I’m 55 and still kicking – sometimes screaming!)

Everything you get… is based on women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. It’s for you by you (55 and still kicking – sometimes screaming)

I’m constantly working to improve the ease of your success (beyond the program):

  • Yoga videos are included! to support your mobility as well as your strength
  • Core videos added support your ability to lift stronger with less injury

Plus.. I’m talking about a brand new Blood Flow Restriction training that may appeal to you that you can layer into this training (and I’ll show you how- you’re the first group who will have this option). It’s so good for a little boost in training, for using lighter weights, or for traveling without access to weights.

You, STRONGER. That’s the secret. Strength leads to more muscle, less fat; more energy, less fatigue; better sleep, better bones, and a better brain. There’s no single form of exercise more important as you age than strength training. It’s not just about those arms, but about your confidence, attitude, and feeling of empowerment.

Safe, sane, and time efficient strength training is key to starting and sticking with it. STRONGER breaks down the most important movements, and keeps the exercise basic and the results optimal. So you get the most results in the least amount of time, injury-free.

You’ll get access to all (digital) workouts for 12 weeks* along with the WHY and how they will help you. I share technique tips so you know where you should feel it, where you shouldn’t, and understand how to adjust. After cueing movement for 35 years, I can spare you from making mistakes by answering questions before you know to ask them, and remind you at just the right time to check your form again. (workouts are accessible through a password protected member page)

You’ll do two weekly workouts, each 30-40 minutes each, conveniently done at home. (or gym if you choose)

Before you enroll, check this REFUND and PARTICIPATION policy. 

THIS IS A SPECIAL 12 -WEEK STRONGER I program… designed based on research featuring women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond… by a Medical Exercise Specialist who knows:

  • you’re not broken, you’re just juggling hormones and joints that have had some injuries or some fun!
  • you aren’t 22 but your also not in need of chair yoga!
  • what works for 22 year old fit males (subjects in 60% of studies) will not work for you
  • your greatest limits are what you don’t yet know about hormone balancing exercise and how it’s unique from traditional exercise prescriptions you’ve done for 30+ years (or never done)
  • YOU should enjoy this second half MORE than the first:  you earned it!

**please note: you’re not purchasing videos or an ongoing membership, you’re purchasing a program with access to program videos for 12 weeks (to include unique strength training workouts designed for midlife women, bonus yoga videos, bonus core exercise videos) Your program is accessible Oct 1 – Dec 29, 2020. Get your preparation underway now!

Here’s what a few STRONGER participants have to say:

From Melanie

From Debbie

From Sheila

From Sally

Along with your 12 weeks of workout instruction you also get:

  • Exercise Nutrition tips to optimize fat loss and metabolism boost OR increase in lean body weight
  • Cardio exercise programming tips to compliment your strength training
  • Warm up and Cool down exercise suggestions for at home, outdoors, or gym equipment
  • A supportive environment in your private Facebook group for coaching and support
  • Incentives (I know it’s easy to get caught up in life) so that all participants depend on each other’s success
  • Optional Fast Flip private coaching during your program to boost your success rate (by invitation only, for  1/5 of VIP coaching)

The action starts soon!

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Another testimonial from Karen: 

You have taken your extensive experience training athletes looking for improved performance as well as people like most of us looking for an improved quality of life (ability to ski without fear of injury, play basketball with our kids, improved muscle definition to feel more confident and to hold onto our youthful appearance!) and translated the lessons learned for us. Couple that targeted, effective, efficient approach to fitness after 50 with a gift for communicating in a way that feels like you are with us every step of the way … it is really unmatched.

I feel like I learn something new each time I see a video and certainly when I watched the FB live event. Last thing .. your approach of pushing us to fatigue in a way that makes me feel like I gave it my all but at no point feeling like I might risk injury really works! I have always been dedicated to fitness and started to pull back after an injury. I am feeling full strength now thanks to this stronger program. I think I am stronger and much more balanced in my strength than I was 8-10 years ago. And I don’t plan to let up now! 

Karen O., STRONGER beta and STRONGER I student

And from Nektaria: 

“Some people work hard and are successful. You have a gift and you’re born to do this, AND you work hard. I’m so glad I found you. Don’t ever retire or stop what you’re doing!”

On a post-program follow up call after 28-Day Kickstart on her way to register for STRONGER I

Before you decide, you should know…

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