VIP Group Coaching


minimum/maximum to group  (6/12)
Pre and Post epigenetic testing & self assessment
(1) 20 minute private session
(6) group sessions (recordings included)
Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle health coaching to optimize menopause, and longevity.
  • Phase I foundation building
  • Phase II personal epigenetics breakdown
  • Phase III maintenance & accountability during interruptions and temptations
  • Phase IV reporting and post assessment

Do you want to lose weight? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you want to reduce bloating, gas, or extra inches? OR do you want to simply turn back the clock and age to the best of your ability, maybe even backwards?

If you crave things health, wellness, and fitness so that you can enhance your life now, and age optimally, without crazy unrealistic habits or gimmicks… you’re going to love this. This first group program of its kind rolls out for 2022. There is limited space, I’m only taking a small number of women. [Unlike other programs where you progress at your own pace, this group program will allow you to see what you specifically can do – with daily habits – to literally, change the way you age.]

Private coaching moves at your pace with your life. You’ll focus on nutrition, exercise and four other lifestyle habits that affect your hormone balance and your energy, mood, productivity, and weight.

As a VIP group member you get the royal treatment. You receive:

  • Pre-epigenetics testing
  • 6 group sessions (recordings provided via private Facebook group)
  • (1) 1:1 20-minute private session with Debra to review your personal PRE-epigenetic test
  • Post-epigenetics testing
  • Small group for individual attention
  • Private Facebook group & What’s App thread to interact with Debra

First step:

You’ll discover what your signs and symptoms can tell you about what to focus on first.


You’ll create a step by step plan about what to eat, what pleasures you need to include, how to make the right choice and why it matters.

Exercise gets addressed here. We decide if you’re doing too much, too little, or need a tweak in the type that’s best for you so you’re getting better, not just tired.

Stress and sleep together work for or against you. We look at what impact each has, determine a specific routine that works and implement it. Mindset and stress strategies take time and are a target of every call.

The sooner you’re in the sooner you test and those results take 8 weeks! So do this now, so you can use results as early as possible.

Looking to love life right now? (and later?) Let’s find out how you have room to reverse your biological age with simple habits. If you’re ready, let’s do this! Special BETA group! Don’t miss this opportunity. Tuesdays 4pm Mountain pm starting January 18, 2022.
Register. Test. Meet. Modify. Enjoy.

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