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Food is a BIG part of your success. It’s such a big part of the decisions you make every day too. COVID19 has made most of us feel like one more decision, one more thing to think about is just too much. When you want it easy, the Food Flip & Recipe guide gives you just that. Cruise through your immune-boosting exercise full of energy and recover after workouts better filled up with protein, antioxidants, and the right kinds of foods at the right time. Let your digestive system have a little break. The plan is all here. If you love smoothies you’ll love this. You don’t need to worry about the “quarantine 15.”

For vegans and vegetarians: The dinner recipes on this plan are animal-based.

Your 911 call for help about what to eat has been answered!
When you’ve got the exercise started or you’re starting and you know it’s food that trips you up… Add this Food Flip to your program. Now is the time to do it.
best foods for women over 50 - testimonial
For a buff immune system, and killing cravings that may plaque you while you shelter-at-home this is more important than ever. And if you’re still concerned about bloating or a lack of progress even while you’re exercising, I get it.
The vote is unanimous! Flipping 50 women say:

  • Nutrition is the hardest, or at least doing what I know I should do!
  • So many choices make it so overwhelming
  • What used to work doesn’t work for me any more
  • I thought I was eating healthy but now I’m unsure 

During COVID19 there’s more: 

  • The kitchen keeps calling me every time I walk by
  • I’m cooking more than ever because there’s more people in the house
  • Having so many people around OR being alone all the time is stressful, so I eat!
  • I can’t get to the gym so I am exercising less AND I’m eating more – not good!

You too? I know.
I took the hard out of it and made it easy. Yes, you are doing an elimination of the bigger food sensitivities while you use the Food Flip. Yet, you don’t have to think about it if you follow the recipes and plug them in. They’re good, they’re easy. You can make it even easier by choosing fewer of them and making batches.
best foods for women over 50 - another testimonial
You will use smoothies. So if you’re smoothie adverse, this is not for you. Smoothies are scientifically proven to support weight loss and minimize muscle loss while you do it. For my tribe, smoothies eliminate one of the biggest issues we have: decision fatigue.
When you are a decision-maker all day the last thing you want to do is make decisions about dinner or breakfast and lunch. Here you don’t have to and while we’re making that easy we’re going to fill you up with tons of antioxidants and micronutrients that will boost exercise recovery and the energy you have to do those workouts.
What’s included:

  • 45+page book (delivered digitally)
  • 4 weeks of recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists
  • Pre-Food Flip instructions on what, why, and how
  • a reference list with the science behind the program

I share with you 4 weeks of sample menus and the way I would plug in 45 pages of recipes. You can use the smoothie and meal templates to create your own if you prefer. You’ll get some instructions on what to leave out if you’re going to a party or eating out or just want to use another recipe so you know. Then after* the 28 days you’re instructed how to reintroduce foods so you can test yourself for going forward.
[*During COVID19 I’m going to keep you in the group and do this with you. #wereinthistogether]
If you have restrictions, you’re seeing a doctor, on a special nutrition diet, this may not be for you. Reach out to [email protected] to be sure before you purchase.*
**Once you receive materials there are no refunds since you will have my intellectual property.
**I am not an RD or pretending to be one. This is a suggested weekly menus plugging in Flipping 50 community favorite recipes.
You do want to get your protein early so you have it. Non-dairy, egg, soy. Flipping 50 Paleo or Plant Power in vanilla is recommended though chocolate can work. You’re going to want 56 servings of protein for one or double if someone else in your house is doing it with you.
Reach out in your program’s private FB group if you have questions. I’ll do a live call with you during your month to answer questions. Everything you need is inside your book though.



So, I loved the Food Flip… lightened me up …[weeks of lighter food and better combinations] Prevent cravings and gets me feeling satiated… hot flashes have way reduced. My clothes are fitting me better which is a relief.
– Traci



I lost 6 pounds and my fat mass was down about 3%. The new Food Flip was incredibly easy to follow from the detailed instructions, meal plans, recipes, and even shopping lists. The new recipes were so good most in my family would eat them (no leftovers for me!) and so varied. I did not miss any of the items I was not eating.
– Cammy



During a 4-week Kickstart with Food Flip:
“I’ve … learned so much about food & diet. That’s why I signed up and this program delivered 100%! I’ve lost 4 lbs and my Body fat has reduced. Also down 5 inches, which makes me happy. Energy levels have been through the roof…”
– Feb 2020 participant



“I completed the 28-day Food Flip program mostly “all in” (I slipped once on day 26 but otherwise did the flip fully). 
I lost 9 pounds, 3% of body fat, and multiple inches and I’m finally tapping into belly fat without losing muscle. This part of the ‘win’ gives me a lot of incentive to keep up these new habits.
… also seems to have tapped into inflammation – my rings fit after a few years of getting swollen fingers…I also had been suffering from achy and sore hip joints, and that discomfort has disappeared entirely. 
This is a great program, and exactly what I needed.”
– K.O.



“In 28 days I lost 6.5 lbs, 6 inches and .5% bf. Upped my veggie intake to almost 6 cups. Discovered Soy and gluten are my problem foods (besides sugar) and I can go most days without snacking! Found out I NEED my sleep or cravings and hot flashes are really bad. Hydration is a key to me getting a good quality sleep and no headaches. Energy is great as long as I get my sleep! What a great 28 days of discovery. Awesome program Debra  Atkinson!” 
– Food Flip student



What to expect when you register:
You’ll get access to the pre-Flip recording before you begin to remind you of a few details highlighted in the book and help you understand the reason behind the plan or how to make small adjustments for individual needs. You’ll get the book on the last Thursday of the month before you begin. You’ll have a weekend to grocery shop, prep, and be ready for easy peasy weeks of good food.

Please Note:

If you purchase the Food Flip as part of your Stronger Program, the Food Flip will start in the second month of Stronger.

So if you purchase Stronger in:

  • January —> Your Food Flip starts in February
  • April —> Your Food Flip starts in May
  • July —> Your Food Flip starts in August
  • September —> Your Food Flip starts in October


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