September 2022 Retreat – Fitness Professionals Business Development Lab / Workshop


Fitness & Health Coaches…

Interested in just the Monday business building session?  It’s available! Plus special offer, if you’re also part of the retreat, you can be a Sherpa on the hike to help with pacing. If in doubt about your personal hiking ability level and comfort at altitude, please contact before booking. For fitness pros & health coaches, this additional 4-hour business session includes:

  • pre-workshop consult with Debra
  • pre-workshop accelerator action planning
  • hot seats/idea labs
  • presentation on business models

**Openings for fitness/health coaches who want to participate and pace for group leads on hikes, as well as stay for a business training Sunday afternoon 1- 5pm. (If participating as a coach, you’ll need to make lodging arrangements for Sunday evening).

Please note: 

  • Hikes range between 1 to 4-hours long.  There are options for steeper or milder, but remember all hikes are above 6,000 feet in altitude
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