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The Elite DNA Flip gives you a look at exercise, nutrition, and health habits PLUS your performance indicators. How can you train to perform optimally based on your DNA? Knowledge about the influence of time of day, your muscle fiber distribution, ability to handle stress and recover all could change or reinforce what you do so you’re not guessing or risking injury as you age optimally.

If you want the whole package this is it.

Each DNA test (Gold, Platinum, Elite) provides a specific look at three genetic components:

Traits are observable characteristics some of which are genetic and some are influenced by your environment

Genes are transferred from your parents based on specific sequence of DNA. Whether certain genes are expressed or suppressed can change your health. Environmental factors and habits can help you optimize your genes.

SNPs are (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are “mistakes” made in cells copying genetic instructions. (evidently we’re NOT perfect!). They can change your unique disease susceptibility or response to drugs.

What you’ll learn:

Diet and nutrition strategies, including specific foods to help you overcome genetic predispositions and live your healthiest

Dietary vitamins and supplements, including type and amount, to help you overcome predispositions for optimal health.

Specific exercise strategies, including cardiovascular, muscular strength, and overall physical activity, to help you overcome genetic predispositions and get faster results in less time.

Strategies for stress management, sleep techniques, and lifestylestrategies to overcome genetic predispositions.

Additional testing recommendations to see how genetics may affect you so you can live your healthiest life.

… all curated specific to your genetics. 

What I Do:

I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t diagnose or treat. As a health and strength coach and Medical Fitness Expert what I can do is interpret your test results and turn them into actionable strategies you can take with your exercise, lifestyle, and exercise nutrition habits. Together we can set reasonable goals, identify steps to reach them, adjust for your schedule and personal schedule, then track and measure.

We create a plan using personal genetic insight about you.

Why Test DNA:

Going this one step further to include your genes and traits cuts down on time and by eliminating trial and error. I’ve partnered with a company that offers great value at a reasonable price. I’ve found it to do two things for me: (1) replace habits that weren’t helping me reach goals with ones that were more specific (2) reinforce habits I already had (and as a, exercise psychologist I know that KNOWING what you do is the right thing amplifies your results

It’s the way I offer data to make the right personalized adjustments to optimize health.

Report & Coaching that gives you…

A comprehensive coaching session to talk about four areas of health (diet, exercise, supplements, lifestyle) and your choices within each based on your DNA data and potentially further testing that could give you greater insight.

The ELITE Flip includes ALL of these specific areas:

If you’re an endurance athlete, or want to be one, this is for you!

WEIGHT Management

  • 18 traits, 22 genes, and 35 SNPs
  • Are you predisposed to obesity and high BMI?
  • What should you b eating based on your DNA?
  • How does exercise work best for you?
  • What do your eating behaviors mean for your health and exercise routine?
  • What will help you get restful sleep to speed recovery and start every day fresh?
  • Nutrients most important for overall health and weight loss
  • How saturated fat interacts with your genes
  • What effect artificially sweetened beverages have on your genes
  • Should you snack and what does hunger mean for you
  • Are you predisposed for overeating
  • What can you do to ensure dieting success
  • How does exercise impact your weight and fat loss
  • Are you more likely to regain weight and how can you prevent it
  • What factors affect your sleep, deep sleep, and how can you increase it
  • How does your body handle stress?
  • How can you overcome cortisol imbalances


  • 26 traits, 50 genes, and 68 SNPs
  • Eliminate confusion about what to eat.
  • Are you predisposed to certain nutrient deficiencies?
  • How do you process specific foods?
  • Do you have food sensitivities?
  • What do your taste preferences suggest for your goals?
  • Do you need more carbs or fats?
  • How do you metabolize alcohol and caffeine?
  • What foods can make you feel light and energized vs. bloated and tired


  • 20 traits, 37 genes, 53 SNPs
  • How you can optimize nutrition to recover better from exercise and feel most alert all day
  • What exercise is the best exercise based on your DNA
  • How is your endurance performance and how can you optimize it
  • What exercise will optimize your muscle fiber type
  • How you can reduce injury risk and inflammation from exercise
  • What type of exercise training will help your body respond best


  • 24 traits, 47 genes, and 57 SNPs
  • weight loss and body composition response to training
  • minimize injuries and maximize tendon and ligament health
  • insight into VO2 max and lactate threshold
  • How hard or easy is it for your body to add muscle and fat and what does this mean for your training plan
  • How can you optimize results with time of day training
  • Are you more susceptible to ligament and tendon injuries and how can you prevent them
  • How can you optimally restore body, mind, and energy after a tough workout
  • What are the proper nutrients for you to refuel
  • How does your metabolism work and how does it affect your running
  • What micronutrient deficiencies could be holding you back
  • How do you metabolize caffeine during exercise
  • How are you best motivated and how will that help you get through a tough workout
  • How is your mindset related to success training and race day
  • What’s your motivation to exercise and seek novelty experiences
  • How do you experience and handle stress during exercise

All tests are based on over 12,000 published research studies from peer-reviewed journal sources including but not limited to these:

  • Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Lancet
  • Nutrients
  • American Heart Journal
  • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The difference between testing and life-changing results is a plan based on your DNA results + hormone status (whether labs or signs & symptoms). Get tested. Get a coach. Get a plan. Get results.

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